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Reader: Marijuana Users Should Stop Smoking During Virus Scare

Self-quarantines and sitting at home as events and public gatherings are canceled because of coronavirus concerns will lead many of us to break out the bong, but try to keep those smoking utensils to yourself, warns our resident Stoner.

"Start smoking out of your own devices and stop sharing mouthpieces with others — not just because of COVID-19, but because of germs and viruses that cause colds, flus and other sicknesses, too," Herbert Fuego shared in a recent Ask a Stoner column.

Mouthpieces are natural resting places for germs, and can still carry them even after being wiped down with alcohol — and the coronavirus is definitely on the minds of most cannabis users no matter how much they smoke.

But potheads can be at even further risk after smoking, according to one reader, a registered nurse. Says Claire:
They should stop smoking anything. Period. Maybe use edibles? Smokers have a much higher chance of becoming seriously ill with COVID19.
Peter Pryor, a doctor who owns Wheat Ridge medical marijuana practice Doc Morrison, agrees. He's been telling patients and friends alike to switch from smoking to edibles during the pandemic.  "Stop using your lungs for smoking marijuana. It's a lung injury, and that's what most people are worried about with this COVID-19 thing," he explains. "It's not the most important thing, but it can break down that barrier in your lungs, and that's what we're worried about right now."

Another reader looked at the issue from a different point of view, wondering what will happen to all of the shared joints at concerts and musical festivals. Says Kris:
Summer concerts are going to be interesting
But Chris has the answer, and responds:
The coronavirus pandemic has affected the cannabis community in more ways than breaking up joint circles. Several cannabis and hemp trade shows have canceled or postponed their planned events this spring, and pot hospitality companies are banning shared smoking utensils while increasing sanitation and social distancing.

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