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Hear This: Feeling Alone? So Is SF1. And He Wrote a Song About It

Jae Allyce Photography
SF1 just dropped a new track.
Social distancing? We want you to keep enjoying the music that Denver artists are making...but from the comfort of your home, rather than at a club.

Denver rapper Shane Franklin, aka SF1, has been a steadfast presence on the music scene. He's known for sugary pop beats and tongue-in-cheek rapping.

Like many these days, he's dealing with canceled gigs, little work and a music community that's in a panic.

In the midst of it all, he just dropped a new breakup song, "Without You," with a head-nodding beat and a tight, melancholy hook sung by Denver vocalist Brooke Villanyi, Franklin's co-writer.

The track came out on Universal Music through Redeye. It's a delightful, upbeat fusion of pop and hip-hop and well worth a spin.

"I believe our purpose on this Earth is to help and serve one another," explains Franklin. "And my service is through my music, my art as a whole. If my music can bring about a smile, love, hope, an escape, especially during these difficult times, then that is what I want for and from fans right now."

Check it out at SF1's website or on Spotify.

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