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Hear This: Feel the ’80s With Lady Gang's New Song, "City Night"

Lady Gang is back.
Chelsey Pas of Friends and Lovers Photography
Lady Gang is back.
Social distancing? We want you to keep enjoying the music that Denver artists are making...but from the comfort of your home, rather than at a club.

With oscillating noise, minimalist beats and an ethereal electronic effect on her voice, Jen Korte of Lady Gang struts her stuff in her new single, "City Night."

Korte has been a major presence in Denver music for over a decade as a singer-songwriter, both with her band Jen Korte and the Loss, and as Lady Gang, her solo experimental hip-hop-inspired looping project.

"City Night" is a single from the upcoming album Full Throttle, a project she's been producing over the past two years.

"Every instrument, sound, effect and production decision was mine," Korte says. "I recorded it at home and took it to The Keep to be mastered, and have been looking forward to the announcement of it coming out."

Korte says she's embraced her dualities in the album: hip-hop and rock, desert and ocean, Texas and New Mexico, Colorado and the Caribbean.

"And on that theme, I am most excited to announce my collaboration with Lady Justice Brewing to create a Lady Gang beer that combines desert fruit (prickly pear) and my favorite tropical fruit (pineapple)," she says. "Hopefully, with licensing approval, we make a Lady Gang soda as well for my non-drinkers."

As for "City Night," she explains: "It's one of my favorite songs from the album but was a little too off the beaten path for a radio release. I'm extremely proud of it."

She wrote the song after listening to an NPR story about the ’80s music comeback inspired by Stranger Things.

"So I decided to try my hand at an ’80s song," she says. "It's interesting, because it feels like it could all be electronics, but it's actually my guitars and bass being run through synthesizer pedals and organizing my loop composition."

The song will be available at 10 a.m. on Friday, March 20, for $1 on Lady Gang's CD Baby page.

"Also, if you want to listen to it on free services but want to support me directly, donations can be made to @ladygangmusic on Venmo," she says.