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Hear It: Sydnie Battie's "Needy" Is a Gut-Wrencher About Desperation

Sydnie Battie just released the song "Needy."
Sarah West: @sarahwestie_
Sydnie Battie just released the song "Needy."
Sydnie Battie, who moved from Florida to Denver two and a half years ago to pursue a musical career, just released a gut-wrenching pop burner, "Needy," a song about finding the courage to tell someone you need more from them than what they're giving. 

The song came to her as she was working with a new producer. She was pining for more out of the relationship but didn't have the courage to ask for it — so instead she wrote music about the feeling of longing. The result is a song is about "wanting someone or something so much that it’s all you think about," she says.

Whether from cocaine or just sheer co-dependent desperation, the character in "Needy" is craving something she doesn't have, and dying for a phone call that never comes. If you're looking to tap into the chasm of your own longing, this is a song to play on repeat.

Like most people, Battie, who'd worked as a server and a bartender, is struggling to get through the COVID-19 shutdowns. With bars and restaurants closed, she's out of work and waiting to hear whether her employer will pay her while the business is shut down or if she will qualify for unemployment.

"I’m trying to stay very positive during this time and take it as an opportunity to work on my music," she says. "I just encourage everyone to remain safe and calm, take proper measures to stay healthy, get treated if they become ill, and stay home if possible, whether they are sick or not. Anything to slow the spread of the virus helps in the long run. And be kind to everyone, especially those who continue to work."

While people are shut in, she hopes that they explore new artists — herself included.

"Readers can help by streaming local music and entertainment during their downtime, checking out different artists and showing some love," she says. "That type of support is what keeps artists like myself going, and is always humbly appreciated."

Check out "Needy" on the streaming service of your choice through Distro Kid.

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