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Readers: Where's Red Dawn? The Shining?

Those aren't Colorado rocks.
Red Dawn/MGM
Those aren't Colorado rocks.
As a companion to our Best of Denver: A Survival Guide, we shared our list of the ten best movies made in Colorado; watching those could fill a lot of at-home hours.

Some readers wondered why two particular movies were missing, but others were quick to supply the answers:

Says Anne: 
Fun article. But Red Dawn didn’t make the list?!?
Adds Paul: 
Red Dawn is my favorite Colorado movie. 
Responds Jerry: 
Red Dawn was actually filmed in Las Vegas, New Mexico.
 Asks Britton: 
Why is The Shining not on this list?
Adds Frank: 
Jack Nicholson's performance in The Shining alone rates a spot. 
Responds Dan: 
The Shining was filmed in Oregon and the UK. Stephen King did get his inspiration for the book while staying at the Stanley, but they chose the Timberline Lodge near Mount Hood for the exterior shots in the movie. There was a made-for-TV version of The Shining that was filmed at the Stanley, but it wasn’t immensely successful.
Notes John: 
But Hal and Charley's show on KHOW was featured in the movie!
What are your favorite films made in Colorado? See our list here, then share your own picks in a comment or email them to [email protected]