Ask a Stoner: What Happens if I Visit Civic Center on 4/20?

Dear Stoner: Say a lot of people just show up at Civic Center on April 20 for 4/20. What would happen?

Dear Allison: In the past, how smoothly most 4/20 events at Civic Center Park went depended on the cops and whether they wanted to be big dicks or not. Generally, there were too many people partaking at Civic Center on 4/20 for cops to do much more than hand out several dozen citations for public consumption (which impacted just a small fraction of the thousands in attendance).
click to enlarge Civic Center Park was closed to the public on April 11. - THOMAS MITCHELL
Civic Center Park was closed to the public on April 11.
Thomas Mitchell
But this year will be rougher if you try to celebrate cannabis there; for starters, the park and the areas around it were closed altogether over public-health concerns on April 11, and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. If you’re there on April 20 (or any other day, for that matter), you could be arrested for trespassing.

That park closure comes on top of all public gatherings of more than ten people being forbidden in Denver and Colorado, which includes any 4/20 concerts and festivals held anywhere but online.

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