Online 4/20 Event Includes Broken Lizard, Disco Biscuits Members and More

This year's 4/20 celebrations will be largely stuck inside because of the coronavirus pandemic, so Denver comedian Andy Juett is working with a bagful of comedic and musical talent to bring stonerific standup and jam sessions to you.

Juett partnered with LivWell Enlightened Health to recruit such comedians as Doug Benson, and members from the Broken Lizard gang (Super Troopers, Beer Fest), as well as members of the bands Disco Biscuits, Lotus, Sunsquabi, Thievery Corporation and more, to stream the laughs and music online.

4/20 for a Cause, a four-hour-and-twenty-minute streaming event set to start at 1 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time on Monday, April 20, will benefit Colorado musicians, comedians and restaurant workers, with the show streamed on an event website that will allow quick and easy donations to the Colorado Comedy Relief Fund, Colorado Restaurant Association and Eddie Roberts Payback Foundation, an organization helping local musicians who are out of work; viewers can also donate to the Colorado COVID Relief Fund.

Juett and fellow comedian Allen Why will host the show from a Denver home, sending the broadcast to their talented guests for live performances, virtual smoke sessions and stoned chats, with recorded sets mixed in, too. The full lineup includes comedians Benson, the Lucas Bros, Broken Lizard, Josh Blue, Dan Soder, Jay Gillespie, Blake Webber (aka Blake Vapes), Jonah Ray and Rachel Wolfson; members of the aforementioned bands as well as the Motet, Other Worlds, the New Deal and more unannounced performers will also join, Juett says, with a surprise guest visiting the show at 4:20 p.m. MDT.

"The vibe of this thing is like we're all getting high all day on the Internet, but while we're doing that, we're seeing amazing comedians and musicians hanging out in their elements," Juett explains. "While that's going on, we're basically shaming the public into donating to four charities, three of which get money into the hands of workers who aren't doing so well right now."

LivWell, a frequent sponsor of comedy and music shows on April 20 in the past, helped Juett book the talent and set up a website. "They bring a lot of big music and comedic acts to Denver on 4/20 week, whether it's at Red Rocks or other venues. They couldn't do that this year for obvious reasons, but we wanted to figure out something else," he adds.

The Colorado connections run deep in the show, with Juett, Why, Blue, Kronberg, Soder, Gillespie and Webber all current or former residents of the state, and most of the bands made up of past and present Coloradans, too.

The stream will run from 1 p.m. to 5:20 p.m. MDT at, as well as on various Twitch, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles of the participating performers. But fair warning: You can only donate while watching on the website.