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Reader: We Don't Need a Holiday to Smoke Weed

Thomas Mitchell
Large gatherings were already forbidden across Colorado when the City of Denver ordered Civic Center Park closed indefinitely on April 11 because of concerns over the spread of COVID-19. Although the official 420 festival there had already been canceled, the closure order puts a damper on any unofficial observations in the park, the site of cannabis actions and activities for decades on April 20.

Or does it?

Says Viktoria:  
420 is pointless. Let's do the same thing we do every day, smoke lots of weed wherever we please. We don't really need a "holiday" for that? The only reason there was a rally was because we were protesting the legalization, and it's legal now, so...
Counters Adam:
 I say do it. Every smoker every toker every midnight joker should march there and light up. The governor or mayor does anything, they show their colors and show everyone there these elected officials don't care about them...they care about power and power alone.
Responds Jeffrey: 
STAY THE FUCK HOME!! And if you’re not in high school, grow the fuck up. Celebrating 4/20 to that extent is for kids. Just smoke a joint on the couch, just like you do, every, single, day.
Adds Chris: 
Man, we just have to celebrate a nothing holiday that has no meaning at all. You celebrators do realize it is also Hitler's birthday? And now it is commercial uselessness.
Wonders Mike: 
So what about all the other alcohol-fueled show holidays like Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick's day?
Well, St. Patrick's Day was the start of Colorado's shut-down, with all bars and restaurants across the state ordered closed at 8 a.m. on March 17. Will they be back in time for May 5 festivities? Although Governor Jared Polis's stay-at-home order runs through April 26, that end date is subject to change. And while Mayor Michael Hancock's  stay-at-home order ends on April 30, his closure of bars and restaurants currently continues through May 11.

As for marijuana, after a brief shutdown on March 23, Hancock followed Polis's lead and determined that dispensaries are essential businesses, so you've got that. Just not a place to gather on April 20.

Where will you be tomorrow? Post a comment or send your thoughts to [email protected] And see our slideshow of past 4/20 celebrations in Civic Center here.