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It's Going Down: Titanic Jeopardy Wth the Molly Brown House

The Molly Brown House
The Molly Brown House is celebrating Titanic Month.
Apparently, it's Titanic Month. And nope, that's not a joke.

Every April, tragedy-porn addicts — also known as history buffs — celebrate, or at least mark, the sinking of the unsinkable, that historical reminder that no matter how big, how great, how fantastic, how large, how celebrated, how indestructible something seems, it can still wind up rusting on the bottom of the ocean.

The Molly Brown House — Historic Denver's museum dedicated to Margaret Brown, the unsinkable woman who survived the Titanic tragedy — is trying to stay afloat, despite the statewide closures of all but essential businesses. To help entertain the housebound, from an appropriate social distance, the Molly Brown House will host a live Zoom Titanic Jeopardy game, at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, April 22...ten days after the actual anniversary of the sinking.

Education specialist Jen Kindick will be handling the festivities. "Test your knowledge about the famous ship, how it sank and its discovery!" the museum urges. "For all ages, but recommended for ages eight and up. You'll get prompts...and can 'buzz' in your answers."

If you're interested in participating, RSVP to [email protected] to receive a Zoom invite. And to prep for Jeopardy, explore the Molly Brown House Museum's many digital resources