Drink Up: Restaurants Can Continue to Offer Liquor for Pick-Up, Delivery

Hope you have some nice cold mugs at home.
Hope you have some nice cold mugs at home.

Possibly the only bright spot for Colorado restaurants since they were ordered closed on March 17 was Governor Jared Polis's executive order authorizing the suspension of certain regulatory statutes regarding liquor sales. Under the order that Polis issued on March 20 and amended on April 6, restaurants were allowed to offer properly packaged alcoholic drinks for pick-up and delivery, which helped pour much-needed cash into the coffers.

The order was set to expire April 30.

Since it hadn't been extended by early that morning, some restaurateurs were getting ready for last call, especially after an executive-order update released by Polis's office on the afternoon of April 30 extended several other special stipulations, but none involving liquor laws.

But the extension finally came late on April 30, extending the suspension of those statutes for another thirty days.

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