Jessica Sonner Is Grateful to Be Making Music Through Every Season of Life

Jessica Sonner returns to music with Still.
Steve Stanton Photography
Jessica Sonner returns to music with Still.
Music has always been part of Denver Jessica Sonner's life.

The Denver musician learned how to play the piano when she was in second grade, started writing and performing when she was in college, led the worship team at her church, and managed bands. Over the past decade, her songs have been included in HBO's series about polygamist Mormons, Big Love, and other TV spots. And she's toured herself.

"I’ve been on the road a ton with both my music and others' music careers," says Sonner. "I love all parts of the music industry. I have worked in artist management and have been able to collaborate with lots of really wonderful people."

After marrying singer-songwriter Dan Craig and having kids, she took a break from touring, and while she has been hunkered down during the coronavirus pandemic, home-schooling her children and finding ways to be creative, she hasn't slowed down. After all, she's been working at home for the past few years.

On May 15, she dropped a new EP, Still, a collection of gentle Americana songs written for her children and community, "inspired by a long journey of learning what it means to still be creating in every season of life," she says. "It’s an invitation to take a minute, take a breath and be still."

She created the project to show her kids the value of creativity, and why it's important to make music and art. "It’s an important part of me that I want to pass on, want them to see in me," she explains. "I’ve been blessed by some great examples of women persevering with their creativity through all shades of life lately."

Still, the most surprising part of making this record was that she collaborated with her husband without fighting.

"Sounds funny, but our working together has always been colored by creative differences that sometimes really drove us apart," she says. "We argue about everything from arrangements to lyrics to production and mixing. We’ve made some beautiful music together in the past, but always with a trail of tough conversations and long nights. This time it was pretty seamless and calm. It felt like we were a team."

While Sonner's relationship with music has shifted through the various stages of life, she's grateful to be able to continue making music...even during a pandemic.

"Music has been a gift to me to help make it through this weird time," she says, "and I hope my music can be that somehow for someone else. "

Hear Still on Jessica Sonner's Bandcamp page.