Ask a Stoner: Where Can 18-Year-Old MMJ Patients Shop?

Dear Stoner: I just got my medical marijuana card, but I’m only eighteen, and most medical stores won’t serve me until I’m 21. Why? And where can I go?

Dear Rose: If a medical dispensary caters to the recreational crowd, that usually means any medical shopper will have to be at least 21, too, because most of those dual-use dispensaries have connected retail spaces for recreational buyers and medical patients. But not all of them have thrown in the towel on the concept of separate but equal, and there are some medical-only dispensaries in the Denver area serving eighteen-year-old patients.
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Scott Lentz
You’re in luck at most stores in Golden and Lakewood, since only medical dispensaries are allowed in those towns, and quite a few dual-use stores in Denver can serve you, including Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill and A Cut Above. There are still some medical-only dispensaries in Denver, too, believe it or not, which you can find listed on our dispensary guide.

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