Feeling Sick? Maybe's It's Just This Broken Beat's "Fever"

Talia Lezama Photography
Annie Richardson, Julio Perez and Dillon Thomas of This Broken Beat.
The members of Denver alt-pop band This Broken Beat had no clue the world would be facing a global pandemic when they recorded the gritty pop song "Fever," the first track off their upcoming 2020 album.

Still, the title fits the times...even if the song is really about people dealing with negativity.

"During the writing process, the band discovered everyone dealing with some personal issues around negative influences in their lives," says frontman Julio Perez. "The overall message and hook of the song is that if you are surrounded by negative things, they are bound to rub off on're bound to catch that 'negative' fever. It just so happened that a global pandemic and virus hit the world around the same time of this release."

This Broken Beat formed in 2015. The founding members were Perez and Annie Richardson, and they cycled through various other bandmates until they settled on electric guitarist Dillon Thomas.

Over those five years, the act has released an EP, an LP and a slew of singles that traverse genres — though at heart, the band makes pop music. It's played Summit, Globe Hall, the Gothic Theatre and Larimer Lounge, and has become a mainstay at the Underground Music Showcase and Greeley's Blockparty. But now, like all bands, This Broken Beat is experiencing a broken music industry, with live shows canceled for the foreseeable future over COVID-19.

"For all of us music industry people, the live show is the place where we all get to come together to be a community and share our art," says Perez. "It's definitely caused us to go back to the drawing board to figure out how to present all of this new material best. And we are just keeping our fingers crossed and praying it's all short-lived so we can get back to playing shows both here and on the road."

The bandmembers have been pleasantly surprised to find fans and friends staying loyal through the shutdown.

"Even during the times when we haven't been the best on social media or new releases," says Perez, "we've seen a consistent group of people who continue to listen and wait for whatever we have to come out next."

Go to This Broken Beat's website for more about the band.