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Reader: Why Do We Keep Seeing King Soopers on These COVID Lists?

The King Soopers at Ninth and...Corona!
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The King Soopers at Ninth and...Corona!
On June 3, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment released its latest weekly list of COVID-19 outbreak sites. The list now includes six King Soopers stores, with the branches at 3100 South Sheridan in Denver and 15051 East 104th Avenue in Commerce City joining the roster.

Other King Soopers outbreaks: 1155 East Ninth Avenue, arguably the most iconic grocery store in the Mile High City, as well as 11747 West Ken Caryl Avenue and 8126 South Wadsworth Boulevard, both in Littleton, and the bakery at the 60 Yuma Street market in Denver. Two employees of the Capitol Hill King Soopers have died because of COVID-19.

There are now a total of 292 outbreaks on the website. The CDPHE considers a facility an outbreak after two or more COVID-19 cases among residents, staffers or the like are confirmed within a fourteen-day period, or two or more cases of respiratory illness with an onset of symptoms within a fourteen-day period are paired with at least one additional COVID-19 diagnosis.

Some readers don't want to hear it. Says Justin: 
Stop using COVID to get clicks. The virus is not even as bad as it has been made to be. Only for elderly. So take precautions if you are around elderly. Everyone else will be fine.
Responds Teia: 
I'm a nurse working in downtown Denver. We have had people in their twenties, thirties and forties on ventilators due to COVID. Even if people in this age range survive, an increase in cases can overwhelm our medical system and create issues for individuals who need care for other reasons.
Notes Patty: 
I've noticed that Safeway takes its COVID precautions seriously.
Adds Stephanie: 
I have yet to see a King Soopers where employees were all following the guidelines. And about half of the customers had masks. Safeway has been spot-on every time I've gone.
But then there's this from Jeremy: 
Funny, we keep seeing these King Soopers COVID list posts, but little to anything about any Safeway or other stores...

Is Westword on the take? Making a few bucks in bribes from the competitors?????????????????????
Is the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on the take? That's where we're getting the outbreak information.

By the way, also joining the CDPHE list this week is the ICE detention center in Aurora, and the U.S. Postal Service facility at 7550 East 53rd Place.

What do you think of the CDPHE's list? And do you think we should be sharing information on these outbreaks with readers? Post a comment or email your thoughts to [email protected]