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Reader: If Only His Party Controlled the Senate. Oh, Wait...

Gage Skidmore/Flickr
Colorado Senator Cory Gardner is pushing for cannabis banking.
For years, Colorado Congressman Ed Perlmutter pushed the SAFE Banking Act, a bill that would create federal protection for financial institutions serving state-legal marijuana businesses; it finally passed the full House last September. But will it ever make it to the Senate floor?

"There is tremendous support in the Senate, and if we had a vote on it — or could get a vote on it — it would pass with more than 60 percent of support," Senator Cory Gardner said during a June 3 webinar on marijuana policy. "We've got billions of dollars on the outside of the economy looking in, when we need them on the inside of the economy looking out."

But first, the measure needs to make it past a few insiders, including Senate Banking Committee chair Mike Crapo, and then Mitch McConnell. Does it have a chance? Says Bre: 
Well, duh, they know how they could make a pretty penny playing both sides of the coin.
Adds Jeff: 
No brainer. Get this done. Not a good idea to have tens of thousands of dollars at dispensaries.
Notes Susan: 
It is ridiculous that there is still not a solution to the issue of banking and the legal marijuana industry. These are legal businesses, and they need access to banks not just for safety issues, but many others. And what about PPP?
Responds Ray:
 The issue is leadership. Cory isn't one. Cory hides and sucks up and hopes that is good enough. It isn't. He votes with McConnell, then McConnell sticks it up his fundament. We need to replace this puppet.
Concludes J Mark:
 If only his party controlled the Senate. Oh, wait..........
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