Ask a Stoner: Best Munchies for Cheat Day

Dear Stoner: I've been working out hard the past few weeks, and I'm ready for a cheat day. What's the best kind of food to eat stoned? What gives me everything?

Dear Hayes: Literally any kind of food — that’s the beauty of the munchies. Figure out what you’ve been craving days before toking on cheat day and you won't go wrong. But still, allow me to provide years of stoned dining expertise: Tacos and pizza are delicious but too easy, and tapas are too small to get the job done. Dim sum after a joint is the best weed-food combo out there, bar none. That means you need to have a game plan, because dim sum cart hustlers are no joke, and you’ll also want to go with several people so that you can order and sample more.
click to enlarge Whatever you choose to eat, make it big. - LINDSEY BARTLETT
Whatever you choose to eat, make it big.
Lindsey Bartlett
To guarantee good eating, you can also split a family barbecue platter or Southern fried feast, or hit up a Korean barbecue spot. You might feel too full, warm and happy to drive home after indulging, though, so to-go is always a good option. If you're already planning to feast, then you might as well plan to nap, too.

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