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Reader: Call It the Development Formerly Known as Stapleton

Plans finally were set in motion this week to change the name of the Stapleton neighborhood, which was developed on the site of the old Stapleton airport, which was named for then-Mayor Ben Stapleton, who'd been a leading member of the Ku Klux Klan in 1923, when he was elected mayor of Denver with the Klan's help.

Now the search begins for a new moniker for the area. There have been geographic suggestions, as well as one that sounds geographic but isn't: Westbrook, named after Joseph P. Westbrook, the light-skinned African-American doctor who infiltrated the local KKK in the twenties.

But readers have plenty of other ideas, serious or not. Suggests Randy: 
The development formerly known as Stapleton.
From Lynn:
 How about IShouldveJustMovedToHighlandsRanch?
From Chef Earthspice:
 I voted for Gamehendge, along with 900 other phans that get the reference.
From Bruce: 
 "I grew up on the mean street of Towny McTownface and let me tell you the shit I've been through!"
From Michael: 
Call it White Privilegeville.
From RJ: 
 Appeasement Heights?
From Chandra: 
I think you should definitely go with Sheepville.
From Tom: 
A serious one from Bob: 
Name it for Bruce Randolph. He was a community leader everybody can get behind.
And from Gene:
 It's a neighborhood! Not a city, not a town, not a villa. Call it Southfield. You know, opposite of Northfield. Or Gentrification Zone. It doesn't matter.
Suggests Kelan:
While Westbrook is a nice-sounding "name," it does not make sense, since Stapleton is east of Denver. Keep looking, please. The name MUST have a logical meaning if it changes. Another historic proper name may not be the right choice. If they only entertain more historic names, why not call it Lincoln South? Makes perfect sense.
And Chandra, again:
 I vote for Stapleton. It will ALWAYS be known as Stapleton and referred to as Stapleton, no matter what you change it to.
The timeline calls for a new name by August 1, but there's going to be a lot of discussion before that. What name would be right for the former Stapleton? Three years ago, when residents were considering a change, Teague Bohlen suggested these seven alternative names for Stapleton.

What do you think Stapleton should be named? Post a comment or send your thoughts to [email protected]