Ask a Stoner: Can People From COVID Hot-Spots Visit Colorado Dispensaries?

Dear Stoner: Are people from Texas and other COVID-19 hot-spot states allowed to buy weed in Colorado during this?

Dear Yokum: There are no restrictions for out-of-staters at Colorado dispensaries, other than maybe higher prices at a small amount of stores. While states such as Texas, Oklahoma and Utah were experiencing a rise in COVID-19 cases in mid-June, Colorado’s numbers remain relatively flat — and even when cases were on the rise here in April, there were no restrictions for out-of-staters at dispensaries, though some mountain communities hit hard by the virus this spring were banning travelers from outside the community.
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Jacqueline Collins
If you do enter Colorado from another state to buy cannabis, check to see whether the dispensary you’re visiting requires pre-orders online or over the phone, as some are still taking advantage of temporary rules allowing curbside takeout options. Expect social distancing rules as you’re shopping, and don’t forget your mask, because you’ll need one to enter any pot shop for the time being.

Wouldn’t it suck if you couldn’t go inside after driving all the way from Texas?

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