Our Ten Favorite Cannabis Edibles for the Summer

Phyx is betting on another summer seltzer in 2020.
Courtesy of Spherex
Phyx is betting on another summer seltzer in 2020.
The summer heat can feel inescapable at times, for both the body and mind. Although smoking weed is an easy way to chill out, eating it provides waves of body relaxation that coughing over a joint just can't achieve. And the self-pampering doesn't end at the high for edibles: dragonfruit THC seltzers, infused slices of dried papaya and kiwi, rosin gummies and medicated caramel corn candy bars all taste damn good, too.

To help you make it through one of the most heated summers in recent memory, here are ten of our favorite cannabis edibles so far this year:

Phyx Seltzers
The summer of seltzer may have started in 2019, but it's still going strong this year. Phyx, a line of sparkling waters infused from Spherex with THC and CBD, is the new kid on the block, with drinks bottled in glass instead of cans to avoid that cannabinoid-killing side effect of aluminum. Phyx's seltzers come in lime, dragonfruit, grapefruit and original flavors, claiming an onset of ten minutes and duration of an hour. The 10-milligram doses are too light for me to tell whether that's true or not, but my roommates and friends have reported feeling the effects within ten to twenty minutes.

Ripple Quicksticks
Ripple has been a longstanding favorite since it debuted several years ago. The mostly flavorless powder has a fast onset and allows me to dump 40 milligrams of THC in a glass of water when I'm sick of eating fats and sugars to attain an edible high. Still, pouring ten servings of white Ripple into a glass of water (or even Gatorade) can make things a little too bland and chalky. Ripple's new Quicksticks, flavored versions of the brand's THC and CBD mixing powders, can at least help with the blandness, with blueberry, gingerberry  and mint chocolate flavors made to dump onto your tongue right on the spot (although they can be mixed into a drink if you desire). Each version has varying THC and CBD ratios (blueberry is all THC), with the mint-chocolate (20 milligrams of CBD and 0.5 milligrams of THC) a welcome pairing with a bold espresso.

Mint Kudu Kookies
Thin Mints get most of the shine from the Girl Scout Cookies lineup (the actual cookies, not the weed strain), but everyone knows Thin Mints are at their best when frozen. Unfortunately, Girl Scouts of the USA stops cookie sales around April, but you can buy the THC-infused version from Blue Kudu year-round. The thin mint-chocolate wafers will keep your blood cold and palate satisfied during those nights when the house just won't cool down, and the sweet nostalgia makes summer reruns a little more tolerable.

Forbidden Fruit
Sometimes you need to step away from processed foods and all that refined sugar, and embrace the desserts that nature provides us. Forbidden Fruit, an edibles line from the Giving Tree of Denver dispensary, is here to feed you all the pineapple, kiwi, papaya, mango, apricot and cinnamon apple you want, with a daily dose of THC to boot. The dried fruit slices are vegan, kosher and low in added sugar, according to the Giving Tree, and are essentially devoid of cannabis flavor. Eat them solo or throw them in trail mix and oatmeal.

Dutch Girl Strawberry Stroopwafel
Dutch Girl's traditional caramel stroopwafels have been one of my favorite "baked" edibles for some time, and the newer strawberry version is equally delicious. The fruity goop on the inside of the soft, sweet cookie wafers pairs better with morning coffee on a sunny summer day than caramel, which is more of a fall or winter flavor for my tastebuds. If you can handle 20 milligrams of THC, throw a scoop of vanilla ice cream in between two strawberry stroopwafels for an easy, breezy ice cream sandwich.