Top Tweets on Broncos Win, World's Dumbest Quarterback Controversy

Quarterback Brett Rypien during a post-game interview following the Denver Broncos' 37-28 victory over the New York Jets.
Denver Broncos via YouTube
Quarterback Brett Rypien during a post-game interview following the Denver Broncos' 37-28 victory over the New York Jets.
For once, the Denver Broncos weren't predictable. The squad is excellent at humiliating itself on national television, so a fourth consecutive loss during the October 1 Thursday Night Football match-up against the woeful New York Jets seemed pre-destined, particularly given that the starting quarterback was Brett Rypien, an undrafted Boise State alum whose main claim to fame is being the nephew of Super Bowl-winning Washington standout Mark Rypien.

Somehow, though, Denver managed to come out on top of a 37-28 score, likely guaranteeing the pink-slipping of Jets head coach and ex-Broncos assistant Adam Gase. But even though the 0-4 Jets appear to be the worst team in the NFL right now, Mile High City diehards unwilling to give up on a season that already seems doomed responded to the victory on Twitter by debating who the outfit's QB going forward should be: Rypien; backup Jeff Driskel, whom the Boise boy replaced; newly signed veteran and The Good Place punchline Blake Bortles; or supposed future-of-the-franchise Drew Lock, who should recover from his latest injury within a few weeks.

If this seems a bit like trying to decide which of the Three Stooges is likeliest to cure cancer (my money's on Curly), you're not wrong.

Rypien, for his part, showed plenty of spunk and an ability to hurl the ball deep downfield that has been lacking in his predecessors. But he also displayed a proclivity for rookie mistakes capable of provoking coronaries, as epitomized by his three (count ’em, three) interceptions: the first on a ball he was actually trying to toss away, the last two, including a pick six, on hurls to receivers so blanketed by multiple defenders that the tableau could have passed for a slumber party. If the Jets' defense hadn't otherwise been as porous as a screen door, and if NYJ signal caller Sam Darnold displayed the slightest competence for longer than a few seconds at a time, Denver would still be winless. Period.

Now, however, Broncos fans are blessed with a sporting weekend during which they don't have to worry about a frustrating loss ruining their viewing pleasure. The collective will next take the field on October 11 versus the Cam Newton-led New England Patriots, giving social media lovers loads of opportunities to hash over whether Rypien, Bortles, Driskel or a certain free-agent quarterback who remains available to any team willing to take a chance on a controversial figure will give the team the best chance to score a second W in a row.

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