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Reader: Colorado's Been Doing Mail-in Voting for Years Without Problems

Watch out, Colorado.
Brandon Marshall
Watch out, Colorado.
Even before Donald Trump was elected president, he complained that Colorado's voting process was "rigged." But since the state went to an all-mail voting system in 2014, there has been no proof of rigging. In fact, back in 2017, Colorado performed the nation's first-ever statewide risk-limiting audit to ensure the accuracy of the 2016 election — and came out with flying colors.

Still, rumors of lost/stolen/abused ballots persist on social media. But readers use that same social media to provide answers if you're wondering how to make sure your vote is counted.

Says Josh:
Been voting like this for years with no problems. Trump says there's a problem and suddenly people cause problems to happen.
Adds Pilar:
This state leans Democratic, so statistically who exactly would benefit by dumping ballots?? Gee, I wonder...
Notes Brittany:
You can track your ballot the minute it is put in the mail to you.
Suggests Brooke: 
If you didn’t get it in the mail, request a new one. Put it in a secure box. All ballots are tracked. I put mine in the ballot drop box yesterday and received an email last night that it had been accepted for counting.
Notes Chris: 
Immediate voting is available by going to the McNichols Building downtown by Civic Center on Colfax. I did this Friday and there was no line and no crowd. I don't know why this not more widely known. There is no need to wait helplessly for a ballot to come in the mail.
Comments Aaron:
I work for USPS. If any of this is true, the person responsible would be terminated right away. I have heard rumors of voter suppression in low-income neighborhoods but have yet to see proof except what people post on social media. Please do research and verify such things that you report. I have not heard of any carrier dumping mail on the street not to deliver it. I think this is irresponsible journalism that took the word of someone with no actual proof. Westword (Ms. Calhoun), you're better than this.
Concludes Janet:
I still think that each report must be checked out and citizens have to be aware of where their ballot is.
Any Colorado voter can sign up for BallotTrax and follow the progress of their mail-in ballot — whether they mail it or drop it in a ballot box.

Have other questions about how to vote? Send them to [email protected]; we've been answering questions about everything from about how to sign your ballot to where you can drop it off.