Top Tweets About Drew Lock Only Being the Answer to Broncos Sucking

Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock has mastered all kinds of picks.
Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock has mastered all kinds of picks.
Since Denver draftee Drew Lock went 4-1 in late-season, garbage-time starts last year, the Broncos have pushed the narrative that the team has finally found its answer at quarterback after years of wandering in the wilderness following the retirement of Peyton Manning. But after the D-Towners' desultory 43-16 home loss to the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs on October 25, most fans on Twitter are no longer buying it.

Their frustration is understandable. Yes, the Chiefs are helmed by best-player-on-the-planet Patrick Mahomes. But the 85-year-old Len Dawson could have led KC to victory yesterday, given the way the Broncos played.

A big part of the blame can be placed on the shoulders of running back Melvin Gordon, a supremely talented free-agent acquisition who was allowed to walk by the Los Angeles Chargers, in part because of his inability to consistently hang on to the ball. And lo and behold, he fumbled not once, but twice during the contest, bringing his turnover total to three in just five games.

But Lock wasn't to be bested when it came to giving the ball to the Chiefs. After the pair of interceptions he tossed on October 18 versus New England nearly allowed Cam Newton and company to earn a completely undeserved win, Lock upped the ante with two more, including a pick-six. And while his overall numbers for the afternoon look pedestrian rather than flat-out awful (24-40 for 254 yards), he managed precisely zero touchdown passes (not counting the one scored by the Chiefs' Daniel Sorenson) and never stepped up when his mates needed him most. Moreover, the sixteen points the Broncos scored were even fewer than the eighteen they managed against the Pats.

Broncos boosters on Twitter definitely don't see Lock as a lock for future stardom at this point. See what we mean:

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