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Reader: Home by 10? See You Later, Denver.

Mayor Michael Hancock is limiting gatherings...even to watch the Broncos.
Mayor Michael Hancock is limiting gatherings...even to watch the Broncos.
Denver's new Home by 10 order takes effect today, prohibiting any public and private gatherings of any number of people not from the same household between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. And starting November 8, you should be at your home by 10 p.m., too — or at least be on your way there.

In announcing the order on November 6, the day after Governor Jared Polis issued a "wake-up call" on Colorado's increasing coronavirus cases, Mayor Michael Hancock emphasized that this is not a traditional curfew. Instead, he said, it's is a restriction on gatherings and business hours, as well as a guidepost for behavior that will help Denver get through the next thirty days, potentially fending off the need for a full-fledged stay-at-home order to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Until December 7, any business not defined as critical must close to the public at 10 p.m. Liquor stores must shut — and while grocery stores are considered critical, they will not be allowed to sell liquor after that hour. Nor can restaurants and bars, which must end on-premises dining at 10 p.m, though they will still be able to offer food (no liquor) takeout and delivery after 10 p.m. Here's the complete order:

Readers responded quickly to the news with comments on the Westword Facebook post of our Home by 10 story. Says Ty:
Y'all too stupid to wear masks and now have to be treated like children.
Responds Sean: 
Because the virus spreads between the hours of 10 and 5. Show me the "science" of that.
Counters Joe: 
But all the covidiots told me it was going away on November 4?
Suggests John: 
The booze hounds are going to freak out again.
Notes Paul: 
Perfect timing to have Denver Restaurant Week when they can't even stay open past 10 p.m., also to have the price of their entrees slashed to draw people out.
Notes Anjilah:
Since when did fake news ever stop us from living our lives? We still goin to eat turkey at a BIG thanksgiving feast
But then there's this from Meg:
Please do it for those of us working in healthcare. We are tired. If you haven’t worked in a COVID unit, please don’t pretend to know what is happening with the disease, and what we are going through as clinicians, housekeepers, etc.
Concludes Jon: 
Home by 10? See you later, Denver.
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