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Reader: Wolves Were Here Before Us, and Deserve a Place to Live

Getty Images/Michael Cummings
Proposition 114, which calls for reintroducing the gray wolf in Colorado, narrowly passed on November 3, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife is already working to meet 114's guidelines, which call for a restoration plan by the end of next year.

"CPW is committed to developing a comprehensive plan, and in order to do that, we will need input from Coloradans across our state," says CPW director Dan Prenzlow. "We are evaluating the best path forward to ensure that all statewide interests are well represented.”

Across the state, urban and rural voters split over the proposition. That divide is very apparent in the Facebook comments posted about our gray wolf followup. Says Josh:
New Denver residents: Oh, my gawwwd, a mountain lion took my tiny useless dog.

Also new Denver residents: Oh, my gawwwd, wolves are sooo cute...let's vote yessssss.
Explains Cameron: 
Bottom line, wolves were here before us and they deserve land to live on. This prop allows for the reimbursement of any lost livestock to local farmers and also will most likely create jobs for people to maintain the pack. People are so dumb. If you are that scared, stay home. I’m way more terrified of a mountain lion than wolves.
Suggests Matt: 
Just one more thing to kill you or your dog while camping or hiking. Def voted against it.
Responds Jason:
Wolves don't attack people, any more than coyotes do. Much likelier to die from an angry Trump voter.
Says Randy: 
The skilled and knowledgeable hunters that I know are telling me that the reintroduction of wolves is a really bad idea. Of course, there are very few of them, and there are a lot of voters who love the myth of having living predators that run in packs in our mountains.

Maybe we can bring back the dragons. too.
Asks Tom:
Are grizzly bears next?
Notes Nathen:
Bear in mind that the measure is not for introducing wolves. It is for coming up with a "plan" from CPW by 2023 on how to introduce wolves. The plan may be to let one neutered old male loose and immediately issue a tag for him. The main reason I voted against the measure is that it is not something that should be decided by popular vote. That's what CPW has biologists for. I do have a big problem with the measure not providing for any funding for coming up with the plan. It requires it to come from existing CPW funds, which means less funds for other conservation work. If CPW decides that it's a good idea, okay fine.
Comments Alex:
Can’t wait to go hunting for them and have a couple wolf heads mounted in my living room!
Concludes Rick:
One of the benefits of considering the impact of a top-level predator is it encourages an ecosystem perspective because of potential top-down consequences of wolf predation. It could be useful for everyone to consider the Rocky Mountain ecosystem as has been done for Yellowstone. Just a suggestion.
Did you vote for Proposition 114? What would you suggest for a CPW plan? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]