Colorado Wholesale Marijuana Prices Hit Four-Year High

Lindsey Bartlett
Marijuana users don't want anything to do with the high currently being enjoyed by wholesale weed producers in Colorado. According to the state Department of Revenue, the current price per pound of marijuana flower hasn't been this high since 2016.

About once every three months, the DOR releases an average market rate (AMR) for wholesale marijuana flower, trim and plant matter allocated for extraction — and just about all of those figures are going up. According to the DOR, the average price per pound of marijuana flower is currently hovering around $1,721, compared to a $1,316 AMR in October and $1,000 in July.

Marijuana trim prices are jumping, too, increasing 12.5 percent on average from July to December to $400 per pound, according to the DOR, while trim allocated for extraction — the process of making concentrates and infused products — increased 30 percent, to $250, during the same period. Marijuana flower allocated for extraction stayed flat, at $502.

The AMR for marijuana flower, the most popular form of commercial marijuana, hadn't passed $1,700 since July 2016, when the average wholesale pound went for $1,816.

Dispensary sales have seen a huge year in 2020, already breaking Colorado's annual marijuana sales record set in 2019. The big numbers have pushed pot-tax revenue up around 30 percent from last year, according to a report from the Governor’s Office of State Planning and Budgeting.

Such high demand led to marijuana shortages over the summer, but the supply appears to have returned, based on spikes in Colorado dispensary traffic during election and Thanksgiving weeks in November.

Despite the high wholesale prices, dispensary shoppers should catch a break during the rest of the year as stores roll out sales for the winter holidays.