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Reader: They'll Love Boebert at CPAC — She's All About Slogans

Representative Lauren Boebert holding a bill she wrote herself.
Representative Lauren Boebert holding a bill she wrote herself.
Representative Lauren Boebert was one of a dozen House Republicans who signed a letter saying they were designating proxies to vote on their behalf on February 26, citing “the ongoing public health emergency” as the reason for their absence from Congress, according to Forbes.

The emergency? They had to head to Orlando, where they were all slated to speak at the "America Uncancelled" convention of CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference under way in Orlando.

But CNN sighted Boebert in the House early yesterday, after she took the floor on February 25 to complain about HR 803, which she characterized as a "massive land grab" that would remove 1.2 million acres from mineral extraction while creating nearly 1.5 million acres of new wilderness; designating more than 1,200 miles of wild, scenic, and recreation rivers; expanding nearly 110,000 acres of national monument land; and adding more than 400,000 acres of recreation, conservation and special management areas in four western states, in the processing "locking up" 510,000 acres in her own 3rd Congressional District. "We literally have children mining in the Congo with their bare hands to appease these not-in-my-backyard extremists," Boebert told her colleagues.

Despite "no" votes from all three Republicans in Colorado's congressional delegation, the bill passed the House and now moves to the Senate.

Meanwhile, Boebert is now in Donald Trump's backyard, where she's listed to join speakers today including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who last year criticized two Democratic representatives from Florida who used proxies while they attended a space launch. Trump will close out the action tomorrow.

In case Boebert runs out of topics to discuss at CPAC — unlikely, given that she had to be gaveled for running over during her "land-grab" speech — Teague Bohlen offered up some options in his most recent Boebert Watch. And in their comments on the Westword Facebook post of that piece, readers have no shortage of things to say about Boebert. Says Mike:
They’ll love her at CPAC — she’s all about slogans.
Adds D.J.
What an embarrassment to Colorado.
Notes Garrett:
She's about as sharp as the edge of town.
Suggests Ray:
As an embarrassed constituent in the 3rd Congressional District, this glosses over one important problem we have here. We get NOTHING with Boebert: "And then came her speech February 24 on the floor of the House, which she delivered in staunch and incomprehensible opposition to the Equality Act (which passed the House the next day)." We get zero representation, and her goofy positions belie a promise to "work across the aisle," which she espoused right after her "1776 (psssst,) Pelosi's-not-in-here" tweet. The 3rd made a worthless choice and tossed any chance of representation by selecting her.
Comments Deirdre:
This article is solid gold....the potential speech topics are everything.
Counters Chris:
Blatantly liberal rag Westword is at it again.
And Jared has a comment just for Congresswoman Boebert:
Congratulations on your fast-moving political career. You made Westword's rant radar.
You can read that Boebert rant here; expect more as constituents hear about her "no" vote on COVID relief. And to see her in Orlando today, go to the CPAC livestream.