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Reader: You Can Check Your Burger at a Drive-Thru, Why Not Weed?

Will some of the pot industry's pandemic systems stay?
Thomas Mitchell
Will some of the pot industry's pandemic systems stay?
At a Denver City Council subcommittee meeting this week, councilmembers discussed proposals not only for delivery and hospitality programs, but for extending the online ordering and walk-up and drive-thru systems that were introduced at dispensaries during the pandemic.

Some Colorado dispensary owners estimate that online and to-go sales now account for nearly half of their customer transactions, and have expressed a desire to keep several of the new systems after the pandemic ends. The state Marijuana Enforcement Division has agreed with dispensary owners regarding to-go sales, but notes that a legislative change would be required to continue allowing online ordering at dispensaries, which is currently banned by state law; a bill proposed in the Colorado Legislature would make that change.

In the meantime, cannabis consumers have plenty of thoughts about how Colorado's walk-up windows and services work, and share them on the Westword Facebook page post about the Denver subcommittee meeting.

Says Mike:
There is NEVER a reason for the state to prohibit us from any type of transaction consenting adults agree to.
Adds Ryan:
I love how ridiculously Draconian we are about legal substances, yet people can queue up down a street for hours to buy fried chicken and burgers to shove in their fat faces, literally all day/every day/any time.
Counters Roosevelt:
Great way for dispensaries to pass off trash.
Notes Pete: 
You check your burger and fries at the window before leaving, you're not gonna check your weed?
Suggests Megan:
If they let us show product at the window again, sure. We can't handle the volume without the window but we need to be able to show them weed...
Comments Latifah: 
Sounds like they're just going to continue the service, but you'll still be able to go inside the dispensary if you want to. What's the big deal? Before the shutdown you could order online and no one fucking why do you fucking care now? You'll still be able to go inside.
Concludes Ransom:
"Um, yeah, give us a minute to look at the menu, thank you...alright, could we get the Blue Dream happy meal please? CBD drink and side, please and thank you."
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