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Why Colorado Tokers Love Chem #4

Herbert Fuego
Chemdog #4 proves that three isn't always the magic number.
The fourth child usually gets the least attention — shout-out to Jan Brady — but two strains in that position rank among Colorado's favorites. Gorilla Glue #4 was so synonymous with the basic phenotype that most dispensaries dropped the "#4" altogether (as well as the Gorilla Glue name, but that's a different story). And while Chemdog #4 will never replace the original granddaddy Chem, the strain has a valuable niche of its own with dispensaries and potheads.

If Chemdog and Chemdog #4 aren't fraternal twins, then they're siblings who are two grades apart but still look alike and laugh in the same annoying way — but have very different personalities. Instead of the hamster-wheel high, spinning brain and confused limbs that Chemdog gives users, Chem #4 is much easier on the mind, and the physical effects are felt earlier and stronger. That said, I'm a useless buffoon after I touch any Chemdog strain — the original Chem, Chem De La Chem, Chem D and so on — and Chem #4 is no different.

It's not a criticism when I say that Chem #4's high allows a sense of satisfaction with being useless, because those guilt-free, stoney-baloney weekend nights are still therapeutic for those of us resigned to adulthood. Finish your chores, burn some calories, eat your vegetables and pull out the Chem #4 when you're looking forward to a night of nothing. You won't accomplish much, but it's an honest high.

We've come across Chem #4 at 1136 Yuma, Ajoya, Berkeley Dispensary, Bonfire Cannabis, Buddy Boy, the Chronic Factory, Cross Genetics, the Dandelion, DANK, Ganja Gourmet, the Green Solution, Green Tree Medicinals, the Herbal Cure, Kind Love, the Kind Room, La Conte's, Lightshade, L'Eagle, Lucy Sky, Lush, Mighty Tree, Native Roots, Options Medical & Recreational Center, Standing Akimbo, Starbuds and Universal Herbs, and I'm sure many, many more stores have carried it in the past or will in the future.

Looks: Chem #4 is considered an indica, with buds taller than average that don't compromise on the density and a trademark nuclear-green color that helped kick off the "chem" revolution our nostrils fell in love with.

Smell: Chem #4's smell is somewhat similar to standard Chemdog, with plenty of fume-y, tennis ball characteristics, but with slightly less gas and more hints of citrus, peppercorns and wood cleaner. The cleaner and citrus smells combine for an outer layer of this funky, green-apple aroma that slaps me every time I open the Mason jar.

Flavor: My experiences with Chem #4 tend to lean toward Pine-Sol, soil and a spicy-citrus blend that hangs around after a smoking session, but the strain is prevalent enough that I've had cuts that are more sour or (regretfully) spicy.

Effects: Although sedating, Chem #4's physical effects take a while to sink in, with the high's relaxation slow-cooking my brain before slowly oozing down the rest of my body. My curiosity is always initially stoked after bouts with Chem #4, but my focus and intellect are way too burnt to get far with it. Throw on a stupid movie, plug in the Nintendo, or try and fail to read a book under a tree. You'll be surprised at how fulfilling it is.

Home grower's take: "It likes a lot of space and time to flower, but the harvest and quality make it worthwhile, for sure. My buddies in Nor Cal have sent me outdoor pictures of Chem #4 plants that look taller than Shaq, and the indoor plants will stretch, too — at least five feet, if not more. I can see why some people wouldn't want to put up with that for ten weeks, but I gladly will. The high is perfect for after work; it gives me bliss, relief and relaxation, and it's lasting."

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