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Reader: Music Venues Need Our Support, Not Whiny Opinion Articles

The Copper Children performing at the Oriental.
Sage Marshall
The Copper Children performing at the Oriental.
It seemed like a dream: After a year without concerts, Sage Marshall was at the Oriental Theater on March 12 to catch the Copper Children at a live show. Just the week before, he'd interviewed bassist Andy Babb and raved about the video that the Copper Children had recorded at its last performance, at the Bluebird on March 12, 2020.

Marshall's review of the Oriental show, "I Went to a Socially Distanced Show, and Here's How It Went," had people raving on the Westword Facebook post of the story, but not with positive comments. Says Erin: 
The pandemic is real, but so is the fact that our independent music venues and other businesses are struggling to survive right now. They need our support, not whiny opinion articles like this one.
Adds Jess:
What an absolutely pointless article.
Suggests Jared:
So, the point of the article is 'I went to a concert, got social anxiety, went home." The Oriental is one of the few places making it work and still open. That's why I just think it's another senseless article.
Comments Veronica:
I went to a show there as part of this series and it was excellent. What a downer dude.
Responds Jennifer:
My assumption would have been that people would stay distanced (as explained by the venue) and that would be the only reason I would agree to go. I totally agree with the author; I would have left, too.
Notes John:
Since significantly less people were in a bigger venue, you’d think you would just be able to get to a spot to avoid others. No one here should have an issue with you wanting to play safe. But if you had doubts going, you shouldn’t have gone and let someone that actually wanted to go get that ticket.
And the Oriental's Scott Happel posted a comment, too:
It appears the author's issues are with the current rules provided by the City/State, not our venue's execution of them. Perhaps instead of attacking a local business working hard to enforce all of the current regulations, you should attack the city whose rules you clearly don't agree with. We had 75 people through the door for that show, and strictly enforced all City and State regulations.
As Happel notes, the Oriental is following all of the city and state regulations. While those rules are changing fast, social distancing is always a part of them; anyone thinking about going to a concert should consider how comfortable they are with the rules.

Westword has been listing live performances since venues began booking bands again; we want to present a comprehensive list of options for everyone who is ready to go to a live event. You can see our concert listings here; find the latest COVID regulations for Denver on the city's site, and for the state on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment page.

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