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Reader: Big City, Lots of Music Fans, So Few Seats at Red Rocks

Concerts will be back...although they won't be this crowded.
Jacqueline Collins
Concerts will be back...although they won't be this crowded.
While the Red Rocks Easter service was again virtual this year, live music is definitely returning to the legendary venue — which will celebrate its eightieth anniversary in June.

By the end of April, Red Rocks will again be hosting concerts — though at 2,500 capacity, less than a third of the outdoor amphitheater's size.

The return of concerts to Red Rocks was welcome news, but in their comments on the Westword Facebook post, music fans share questions about how things will work, including health concerns, what happens to tickets for postponed shows that were sold out at a much larger capacity, and how high ticket costs will be this year.

Says Roberta: 
Big city, lots of music fans, so few seats.
Suggests Nathan: 
The elite playgrounds start to appear.
Notes Shelia: 
I would definitely go. Wear a mask and see some awesome live music. I hate going to Red Rocks when it's packed. I always seem get the reserved seat next to some drunk who sways around and blocks my view. Red Rocks as a small venue: LOVE IT.
Adds Kathleen:
I will be there someday, it's just amazing!!
Wonders David: 
Not sure how the 2,500 people is going to work.
Asks John:
2500 person capacity = $2500 tix ????
Explains Michelle: 
I tried to get tix for Bob Moses in August, $880 for two tix. No, thank you.
Suggests Ellie:
25% capacity at an outdoor venue seems sound if other health measures are in place.
Responds Jesse: 
Please, there are more people crammed into a grocery store, this venue is outside. I’d rather be at Red Rocks then in some of these grocery stores. Let’s be real already.
Adds Kristy:
They should be opening to full capacity, it's outdoors....
And then there's this from Holly: 
For 2020 shows that are still rescheduled for a 2021 date, where tickets have already been sold and not refunded due to a new date, how will the new capacity be handled? How will it be decided which people that hold tickets actually get to attend?
We're checking into that, Holly. In the meantime, what do you think about Red Rocks reopening? Will you be there this summer?

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