Ask a Stoner: There's a Delta-10 THC, Too?

Dear Stoner: Have you tried Delta-10 THC yet? Is it like Delta-8?

Dear Chris: The cannabinoid map really is starting to expand, but not entirely in the way predicted. As hemp companies discover the ease and profitability of converting CBD into Delta-8 or Delta-10 THC by altering the cannabinoid’s structure in the lab, all of that CBG and CBC promise is fading a little.
For those who don’t know: Delta-9 THC is the version of THC outlawed at the federal level, but slightly different forms of THC, such as Delta-8 and Delta-10, now exist in a gray area. Both reportedly bring a similar high to Delta-9, though on a lower level, while Delta-10 allegedly leaves users more focused and energized. I’ve tried Delta-8 a few times and can confirm the reports of a similar high, but haven’t reached Delta-10 yet. Most of these brands are unregulated and exist in a thriving online market, while lab-tested and state-certified products are hard to find. Keep in mind that all versions of THC will flag a drug test.

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