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Premiere: Lady Denim Hints at New EP in "Old and New" Music Video

Jordan Altergott
From left to right: Matthias Mandl, Nic Lubin, Nick Lundeen and Chris Lubin of Lady Denim.
Fort Collins indie band Lady Denim is one of many Colorado acts happy to be diving back into the music scene after a long year. With two new singles out, an EP on the horizon and shows booked alongside other Colorado favorites, Gestalt and Holdfast, the band is flourishing.

Lady Denim first released music in 2019, and the group has established a solid fan base in northern Colorado. It was only in February 2020 that lead singer Nick Lundeen, lead guitarist Nic Lubin, bassist Chris Lubin and drummer Matthias Mandl were headlining the Aggie Theatre, one of Fort Collins's most popular venues. "At a local level, we’ve fortunately been able to have a solid success. I've never wanted to be a big fish in a small pond, but we’re in a position where we could do anything and it really wouldn’t matter," lead singer Nick Lundeen says.

The band's first EP, For Edgy Girls, Like Ramona, offers songs about mysterious women. The recent single "Pixie Girl" details "observations while out on a Friday or Saturday night and seeing the cliché one-size-[fits]-all CSU girl," says Lundeen. The group's new single, "Old and New," continues exploring that "feminine muse," he explains.

In this song, though, the composition is what shines. Once lead guitarist Nic Lubin created the guitar riff, the band was off and practicing. "We were stopped by the police thirty minutes later because we were getting noise complaints," Lubin says. But after multiple retakes and practices, the bandmates were able to create an indie anthem that will make fans giddy.

The snappy, captivating guitar riff gives the song a vintage feel. Even the music video puts listeners back in time. The set evokes a ’70s-style living room, though it's built in the desert. Plenty of Polaroid photos also summon nostalgia.

This was exactly the vibe video directors Jordan Altergott and Ethan Lien were going for when they lugged a living room's worth of furniture all the way to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah to shoot the video.

"We borrowed my grandpa’s Ford F-150 and filled it with a bunch of furniture," Altergott said. "Ethan and I drove out there a day early to get even more furniture. Then we drove with the band another couple hours out to the Salt Flats."

The bandmembers had arrived in Salt Lake City at 11 p.m. the night before, stopping at a local tattoo shop to get matching lightning-strike tattoos, Lady Denim's signature design, from a less-than-sober tattoo artist.

The journey to Utah was worth it. Not only is the video a perfect accompaniment to the song, but it also teases the band's upcoming EP, Loosely Held Hands. With the help of visual-effects artists Conlen Breheny and Christopher Probst, the band was able to create floating objects that hint at songs on the EP.

Altergott and Lien say the video truly wouldn't have been possible without the help of Breheny and Probst.

"They both pushed themselves for this project," Altergott says.

Lady Denim will open for Holdfast at 8 p.m. Saturday, July 17, at Globe Hall, 4483 Logan Street.

"Old and New" is out now on streaming platforms.