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Why Colorado Tokers Love GlueChee

Herbert Fuego
GLueChee's funky flavor tastes more like a sour cream dip than cheese.
I'm a sucker for cheese. Not in a gratuitous way, like a cheeseburger wrapped in melted cheddar or forcing mac and cheese into everything, but in a refined way. Hors d'oeuvres with wine? Don't mind if I do. Goat cheese and fruit? Sign me up. A blunt of U.K. Cheese? Here's fifteen bucks, little man. Put that shit in my hand.

Cheesy weed might be my favorite kind. The creamy, tangy and sometimes sour characteristics can play the lead or supporting role with every other cannabis smell and flavor out there, yet we never talk about the "cheesy terpene" when discussing our favorite weed aromas. Maybe because the compounds responsible for those funky whiffs — butyrate, methyl mercaptan and a bunch of acids bearing long names — sound like they belong on the label of a floor cleaner instead of the more contextually named limolene (citrus) and pinene (pine). Yet as much as I love citrus and pine, I'd prefer the island of misfit terps and all their cheesy goodness.

After spotting a relatively new addition to the formaggio family tree, GlueChee, during a dispensary run, my latest target was an easy one. Bred by the creators of Gorilla Glue, GG Strains, GlueChee is a mix of Cheese and Gorilla Glue and considered an even-keeled but potent strain. The prospect of mixing Gorilla Glue's trichome production and gassy smell with Cheese's prime flavor made this an obvious choice, though the strain's high, reportedly a 50-50 mix of head and body, still presented a mystery. Weeks and multiple jars of GlueChee later, I'm still not sure I've solved it.

Experiences with GlueChee ranged from bouncy and focused to lethargic and disinterested. The high plays off my mood and energy — an attractive quality, but not something I can always count on for winding up or down. Clear, smooth effects are a good option for a daytime session when spirits are high, but if you're thinking of rolling up GlueChee following an afternoon of fun in the sun, expect a nap within ninety minutes.

GlueChee has been seen at 1136 Yuma, Apothecary Farms, Greenfields, Life Flower, Lightshade, Lova, Magnolia Road, Makena, Medicine Man and Starbuds. Based on the flower I've seen around town, I wouldn't expect it to take over the world, but the Greenery Hash Factory's Moroccan GlueChee hash is worth a toke.

Looks: Already bright-green and teetering on lime, GlueChee's carrot-colored pistils and thick resin coat give the strain a daytime glow. Most of the takes I've come across are loose in structure, with a heavy set of sugar leaves that muddle the line between leaf and calyx.

Smell: A strong Diesel aroma starts out of the gate, with floral, herbal overtones and creamy hints of chocolate following. All of these layers somewhat hide a sour, cheesy funk, which comes around at the end and lingers. Cheesy, yes, but I've sniffed cheesier.

Flavor: GlueChee is spicier, with a stronger taste of chocolate (sometimes coffee) than expected. A sour flavor clings to the sides of my mouth almost every time I smoke it, though, as well as hints of gas and an occasional herbal imprint. The taste is more like a sour cream dip than cheese, however.

Effects: GlueChee's high seems to play to its competition. If I smoke when I'm tired, then I'll get more tired. If I smoke it when I'm energetic, then I'll become more curious and motivated. But f I go overboard, the comedown arrives quickly, even when my mind is still operating smoothly.

Commercial Grower's take: I don't think it's a good outdoor strain. The strength of GlueChee is its resin production and quick growing time, vegging included. But the yield is there, so I suppose I can see why any grower would take it on. As far as high and flavor, though, I'll stick with MAC n' Cheese if I want something cheesy and hip. I don't like how tired GlueChee makes me.

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