Ten of the Best Yoga Studios With Beginner Discounts

Bryant Hadley
As yoga studios open up to pre-pandemic capacities, some, like Yoga Center of Denver (above), are offering new-student discounts.
As the city of Denver edges back toward its pre-pandemic rhythms, yoga studios are opening to new and returning students. To some, the prospect of yoga may seem exciting after a year of home practice or no practice. Or maybe the idea of a yoga class seems intimidating and expensive. This is a list for those looking to ground their feet on a yoga mat, try out a new studio, or experience a different yoga practice. Here are ten Denver yoga studios that offer new student discounts to make the ease of transitioning back to class easier and more accessible.

Yoga Center of Denver
770 South Broadway

Yoga Center of Denver’s classes adhere to Iyengar and hatha yoga traditions. Both practices emphasize alignment within the body and mind, prioritizing the correct positioning of the body. Correct alignment involves “building postures from the ground up — focusing on each limb of the body, the rotation of joints and muscles,” says Chelsea Gifford, who took over the studio with her partner, Bryan Hadley, in April. The couple is in the process of adding workshops and events at the studio, as well as redesigning the space to be an urban oasis. Iyengar is the “Ph.D. of yoga,” Hadley notes, and a number of the center's teachers are Iyengar-certified. However, entry-level classes can be beneficial for students of any level, as correct alignment can help protect against future injury. New students can purchase an initial three-class pack for $30. Learn more about Yoga Center of Denver on its website or call 720-570-9642.

Yoga Box
2538 West 32nd Avenue

Yoga Box describes its space as a daily destination geared toward yogis, athletes and those motivated by fitness goals. The studio offers three different types of classes: Power Yoga, Yoga Sculpt and Restorative Recovery. Power Yoga breaks the class into twenty minutes of warming and opening the body, thirty minutes of targeting strength and stability, and ten minutes of cooling down postures. The classroom is heated between 96 and 98 degrees. Yoga Sculpt is all about intensity and strength. It includes hand weights and cardio, combining the mental and meditative components of yoga with a full body workout. Restorative Recovery focuses on passive stretches that allow one’s muscles to deeply relax. It specifically aims to help tighten connective tissue and calm the central nervous system. New students can attend their first three classes for free. The Yoga Box website gives more detail about each of the classes and the studio's overall approach to yoga. Call 303-223-9896 with any questions.
click to enlarge Better Buzz Yoga in Sunnyside creates classes around a commitment to working toward greater equity. - MEG O'NEIL
Better Buzz Yoga in Sunnyside creates classes around a commitment to working toward greater equity.
Meg O'Neil

Better Buzz Yoga
2714 West 44th Avenue

Better Buzz Yoga was founded with a commitment to working toward equity. Its largely vinyasa-style classes are part of a greater conversation the studio wants to facilitate about better understanding privilege, issues of racial inequity and how to show up as a community. On the website, Better Buzz writes, “Yoga has become a largely appropriated practice of the privileged, but we are committed to strengthening our community by actively working to make our space and yoga more accessible, while also learning, honoring and acknowledging the roots of this, for most of us, ‘borrowed’ practice.” These issues are addressed in various ways, including making no apologies in speaking out against inequity, striving to offer accessible pricing, keeping the studio free of culturally appropriated images and symbols, and offering a variety of classes that anyone can enjoy. Better Buzz hosts indoor and outdoor classes. In addition to being willing to work with anyone’s income level, Better Buzz offers new students two weeks of unlimited yoga for $30 or an initial five-class pack for $85. To learn more about the studio's various endeavors and resources, visit the website or call 303-495-6996.

CorePower Yoga
Multiple Denver locations
This national chain has eighteen locations in Denver and offers yoga fitness classes that vary in format, intensity and style. However, the focus of CorePower is the core, both literally strengthening those muscles and figuratively building core confidence. The studio offers various levels of vinyasa flows, including the foundation-building C1 and the more challenging C2, which is held in a 93-to-100-degree room with added humidity. Yoga Sculpt combines some aspects of vinyasa flow with the addition of weight, strength-training movements and cardio intervals. During sculpt classes, the room is heated to between 85 and 95 degrees. And Hot Power Fusion draws from the meditative, detoxifying qualities of hot yoga — the room temperature hovers between 95 and 103 degrees — while adding a power-yoga spin. First-time students can sign up for three free classes to try out CorePower’s different styles. Schedules, locations and more information can be found on the website or by calling 303-733-8040.

Sumit’s Hot Yoga
151 West Mineral Avenue, Suite #119B, Littleton; 10111 Inverness Main Suite A-1, Englewood

With locations in Littleton and Englewood, Sumit’s Hot Yoga offers a signature sixty-minute class that draws inspiration from Bikram and vinyasa yoga styles. The class was created by founder Sumit Banerjee, who is the nephew of Bikram Choudhury, the style's namesake. The duality between the Bikram-style standing series and five vinyasa flows is meant to tone the body while encouraging awareness, self-acceptance and relaxation. With few exceptions, every class follows the same sequence to allow practitioners to get into a meditational movement. All classes are held at 100 degrees with 80 percent humidity. For new students who are also Colorado residents, Sumit’s Yoga offers an initial ten-class package for $95, and the second class package can be purchased with a 20 percent discount. Schedules and more information can be found on the website or by calling 303-927-7393 for the Littleton studio or 720-389-6528 for the Denver Tech Center studio.

Balance. Yoga. Barre.
1525 Raleigh Street

Balance. Yoga. Barre. or BYB has locations in Denver and a number of cities in Oklahoma. The company offers different levels of traditional flow classes as well as Pilates and barre exercises. Flow offerings cater to a spectrum of levels. More advanced classes are held in heated rooms, as is the Yin & Myofascial Release class. Yin is a style of yoga that targets connective tissue or fascia by holding designated and often relaxing poses for three to ten minutes. BYB’s hot Pilates class is a workout meant to build and strengthen muscles, burn fat, improve circulation and increase flexibility, and the workout is zero-impact for those seeking to protect joints. Barre brings together techniques found in ballet, yoga and Pilates, specifically emphasizing ballet posture and technique. Finally, BYB offers a Crazy Core class for those seeking to specially strengthen their core. New clients can purchase one month of unlimited classes for $45 or two months of classes for $99. To learn more about BYB’s different types of classes as well as its philosophy of yoga and exercise, visit the website or call 970-414-1570.

Elevate Yoga
4926 East Colfax Avenue

Despite its small size, Elevate Yoga (formerly the Power of Om) has offered nearly thirty different styles of classes, and it has a list of almost seventy teachers. But currently, as the city opens back up to pre-pandemic normal, the studio is offering a focused selection of classes that include hatha, restorative, yin, yoga nidra and vinyasa. Not yet mentioned in this list, yoga nidra is a deep meditation meant to draw practitioners into a state of deep sleep while remaining awake. Overall, the studio focuses on creating an inclusive space that’s open to all races, ages, genders, ability levels and body types. “We are a very welcoming studio,” owner Stacy McDonald says. New students can try unlimited classes during the first week for $17.50, and they can then purchase any class package with a 20 percent discount. To learn more about Elevate Yoga, visit the website or call 303-478-4763.
click to enlarge Denver studios offer a variety of yoga styles; the trick is finding one that works for you. Pictured are practitioners from Better Buzz Yoga. - MEG O'NEIL
Denver studios offer a variety of yoga styles; the trick is finding one that works for you. Pictured are practitioners from Better Buzz Yoga.
Meg O'Neil
Yoga Pod Lowry
101 North Ulster Court

On its website, Yoga Pod Lowry writes that its “number one intention is to help you make a commitment to being happy.” The studio hopes to help support its practitioners’ happiness through providing classes wound around stress management, flexibility and healthy living. There are a variety of class offerings. The best for beginners are podBASICS, which teaches building a solid foundation, alignment and a knowledge of postures; podFLOW 1, created around traditional vinyasa flow; podFIT, a fitness-based class that combines cardio, resistance training and body weight; or podHOT, held in a 105-degree room with 60 percent humidity with poses meant to detoxify while building strength and balance. For yogis who want to experiment with more advanced classes, Yoga Pod offers: podFLOW 2, a flow class with diversified sequences held in a 95-degree room; Aerial Yoga, which involves a swing instead of a mat, challenging and decompressing muscles through gravity; and podBarre, which uses a ballet barre to support isometric movements that tone and strengthen the body. Local residents trying out Yoga Pod for the first time can try one week of unlimited Yoga Pod for $30. To learn more, visit the website or call 720-372-7129.

One Yoga
8101 East Belleview Avenue, Suite Z

One Yoga offers fifty weekly yoga classes that range from beginner yoga to hatha yoga, kundalini, hot power vinyasa, gentle yoga, align and flow, advanced posed and yoga nidra. Additionally, the studio offers meditation classes, massages and body work. Some classes special to One Yoga are a heated hatha practice that caters to those who want the benefits of a gentle hatha class with added heat; One Kundalini, a style which “uses movement, sound, mudra, breath and meditation to regulate the glandular system and awaken the chakra system,” they write; and One Ashtanga Yoga, based on the teaching of K. Pattabhi Jois. Ashtanga “is a specialized sequencing of postures and focused breathing techniques,” One Yoga explains. Newcomers to One Yoga can receive 50 percent off their first month of practice for a total of $79.50. Descriptions of classes, schedules and more information can be found on the website or by calling 303-221-7000.

Duality Fitness
4635 West Colfax Avenue

Though not strictly a yoga studio, Duality uses yoga to complement more intense athletic training. The business has two studios under one roof: one for a HIIT-based format and circuit classes, and the other for a ResCon class, a mat-based, heated boot-camp-style class and Heated Power Vinyasa. One of the classes, HIIT & Flow, starts in the circuit studio and finishes with fifteen minutes of yoga. The studio’s athletic philosophy is like a mix of Orange Theory and CorePower, but combined in one location. “We see the two studios as a bridge to one another,” says owner Nattiel Fontaine. Yoga helps students balance the hard training of the circuit studio, and the HIIT and circuit classes help build strength and endurance while giving a different kind of release. “Both are great ways to get endorphins flowing, keeping our bodies and mind in synergy. Hence the name Duality,” Fontaine adds. New students can purchase a three-class pack for $45. The classes expire two weeks after the first visit. To learn more about Duality Fitness and class offerings, visit the website or call 720-432-1724.

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