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Cheba Hut's New Fort Collins Joint Will Become Flagship Location

Courtesy of Cheba Hut
Cheba Hut's newest restaurant is the company's sixteenth location in Colorado.
After two years in the making, Cheba Hut is about to open a new flagship operation in Fort Collins.

On Monday, June 21, the Cheba Hut is opening a "neighborhood hangout for curing cottonmouth and the munchies" in south Fort Collins at 2550 East Harmony Road. The new sub shop will be the marijuana-themed sandwich joint's sixteenth location in Colorado, and the third in Fort Collins.

The new Harmony location will feature a spacious bar, outdoor patio on the front and back end of the space and the shop's first-ever pick-up window — but founder Scott Jennings wants to be clear that the window is for walk-ups only.

"This is not a f*cking drive-through," Jennings says in a press release announcing the new restaurant before taking a more lighthearted tone: "Stay tuned for some old-school parties, free food, and shenanigans."

What sort of shenanigans? Five of the first fifty people in line at the grand opening will win free Cheba Hut for a year, and all fifty will receive a limited-edition print designed by Joshua Finley, the local artist behind fifteen different Cheba Hut murals, including the new Harmony Road location.

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Inside Cheba Hut's new flagship restaurant.
Courtesy of Cheba Hut

Since Cheba Hut first opened in 1998 in Tempe, Arizona, the franchise has expanded to forty restaurants across the country. With around 700 employees in Colorado and more locations than in any other state, however, Cheba Hut is ready to call Colorado home. The new flagship shop on Harmony Road will also serve as the chain's new training center and headquarters, according to marketing head Mel Banister.

"We really wanted to take our time on this one and make sure it was the right space, the right size and put in all those details. Since it's going to be our main training hub and headquarters, we wanted to make sure that it was the right feel and everything we wanted," she says.

Banister says the front and back patios will have plenty of luscious green trees around for shade as well as a full-service bar to cool down during what's turning out to be a very hot summer. Dogs are welcome at the new location, she adds.

"We're really excited about this new space. We love our community and especially love Fort Collins and appreciate all of the love that Colorado has always given us," Banister says.