Tre Carrasco: Two-State Rampage of Rapist Who Looks Like Pop Star

Booking photos of Tre Miekale Carrasco from his prison time in Kansas.
Kansas Department of Corrections
Booking photos of Tre Miekale Carrasco from his prison time in Kansas.
When the victim of a 2019 robbery, carjacking and attempted kidnapping in Aurora was asked by investigators to describe her attacker, she said he looked like The Weeknd, the stylish and charismatic singer of hit songs such as "Can't Feel My Face" who headlined this year's Super Bowl halftime show. Police later captured images of Tre Miekale Carrasco and another man in a suspicious vehicle, and used the victim's description to zero in on the perpetrator.

The second man "had very visible and distinctive facial tattoos and did not resemble The Weeknd," states a passage from Carrasco's arrest affidavit. "Carrasco does resemble The Weeknd."

It will be Carrasco, not The Weeknd, who will be in Arapahoe County Court at 3:30 p.m. today, July 8, to be sentenced for eleven crimes — including sexual assault — committed during a two-state crime spree that began shortly after his release from prison for aggravated sexual battery against a 57-year-old woman when Carrasco was just sixteen.

The 26-year-old Carrasco's record starts in the State of Kansas. According to the arrest affidavit, the first report naming him dates to November 2008, when he was thirteen. "This case involved the suspect [Carrasco] walking into a residence and into a daughter's bedroom without permission," the narrative states. "The victim awoke when she felt the suspect touching her feet. The suspect gave the victim a false name and left the residence. Carrasco was ultimately contacted and confessed to being in the house and the victim's bedroom."

The next month, Carrasco was "caught peeping into the female victim's window," the document continues. "Carrasco only admitted to walking in front of the window. Evidence (footprints that matched Carrasco's shoes) showed that he stopped in front of the window and was looking inside."

Cut to June 2009, when Carrasco was fourteen and he reportedly entered a neighbor's home through an unlocked window. The resident awoke when she felt him tickling her leg, and when she recognized Carrasco, who delivered newspapers in the area, he apologized and split.

By June 2010, Carrasco's actions had become much more violent. According to the affidavit, that month he unlawfully entered a residence, put his hands around the neck of a victim and "told her that if she moved, he would kill her. The victim was afraid of getting a sexually transmitted disease due to the sexual assault and asked the suspect to wear a condom. The suspect used a condom and left out of the front door." But while the victim's description fit Carrasco, he managed to evade criminal charges — and he also skated after he was suspected of twice entering a woman's home in January 2011, allegedly causing her to fall on one occasion after pushing her with a door.

That July, Carrasco hit and kicked a woman out for a morning run, then forced her to perform oral sex. After the victim identified Carrasco from a photo lineup, he was arrested and subsequently convicted on one count apiece of aggravated criminal sodomy and aggravated battery. In 2013, he was sentenced to 100 months in prison, or just over eight years — although that stretch was diminished by 622 days credit for time already served.

Kansas Department of Corrections records cited by the Hays Daily News show that Carrasco was set free but placed under post-release supervision in Colorado in July 2018 — but that October, a warrant was issued for his arrest on a parole violation. Shortly thereafter, he was picked up and imprisoned at a Kansas correctional facility. But he was again released on February 1, 2019.

Just two days later, Carrasco was named as the suspect in a sexual assault at gunpoint near the Fort Hays State University campus; the affidavit quotes him as telling a woman he'd encountered at a house party that he'd "fucking kill her" if she didn't cooperate. A Daily News update revealed that he'd been spotted getting into a pickup headed south toward Interstate 70 while wearing "a hoody that says 'HUSTLE' on the front."

The arrest affidavit picks up the account on February 12, when the Cherry Hills Village Police Department responded to a home invasion report. An au pair who worked on the property said that a man matching Carrasco's description knocked on the door and claimed to be with the water department, only to then force his way into the house and put a knife to her throat. He put on a condom, sexually assaulted her, took $85 from her wallet and left.

A canvas of the neighborhood led to the discovery of security video in which a man presumed to be Carrasco was seen getting into a small silver sedan with body damage on the front and rear of the vehicle. This proved to be important when investigators learned about a February 7 incident outside a 24 Hour Fitness in Aurora, during which a 2017 silver Toyota Camry with similar damage was stolen and the victim said her attacker looked like The Weeknd.

By early March 2019, Carrasco had been arrested in Aurora, but his prosecution was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally on May 13, an Arapahoe County jury found Carrasco guilty of second-degree kidnapping with a deadly weapon, sexual assault with a deadly weapon, burglary with a deadly weapon, aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, two counts of aggravated motor vehicle theft, two counts of criminal trespass, an attempt to influence a public servant, false reporting and driving a motor vehicle without a license.

The 18th Judicial District DA's office stresses that at today's sentencing, Carrasco's past as a sexual offender will be a factor in the punishment he receives — and a frightening past it's been. Click to read the Tre Miekale Carrasco arrest affidavit.