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Reader: Tennyson Street Used to Be Cool...Now It's Full of Soulless Monoliths

Runners gathered outside the Berkeley Park Running Company on Thursday, June 24, to say goodbye to the beloved building.
Berkeley Park Running Company
Runners gathered outside the Berkeley Park Running Company on Thursday, June 24, to say goodbye to the beloved building.
There are almost as few trail-running shops in the United States as there are historic buildings left on Tennyson Street. And now the four-year-old Berkeley Park Running Company will be leaving the street, moving to a renovated strip mall a few miles away.

The Best of Denver award-winning shop, which flight attendant and hobbyist ultra-runner Chris Sullivan founded in 2017, had a good run, quickly becoming a community hub as well as being named one of the best running shops in the country by Trail Runner magazine in its first year. "You want your sport to grow. At the same time, you have to be afraid of it," says Sullivan. "It's like you want this neighborhood to be nice...but be careful what you wish for."

Now a developer plans to demolish the circa 1896 house where Sullivan's shop was located and build a new complex. Sullivan himself is getting out of the retail race, and passing the baton to four seasoned runners who will oversee the store reopening in its new location. And in their comments on the Westword Facebook post about the move, readers lament what will be left behind on Tennyson. Says Shanna:
Developers ruined Tennyson.
Adds Jay: 
Perfect example of how the character of a neighborhood gets destroyed for the almighty dollar. Tennyson used to be cool shops in beautiful old homes. Now it's mostly soulless monoliths.
Responds Pilar:
This street has become so boring now. Lululemon, for effs sake?!?! There are only five places we still like to go to for the old Tennyson feel. The only new place we like is Tres Chiles, great food and owners. We've never met anyone interesting who lives in those obnoxious condos.
Explains Deron: 
It follows an all-too-familiar pattern: Mostly white "pioneer" hipsters from suburbia relocate to once-predominately working class/poor minority hoods to form "collectives," only for yuppie trust-fund douches from the coasts to follow once it's deemed "safe enough" and buy them out — thereby gentrifying the fuck outta said hoods.

Want to stop gentrification before it starts? Keep the "cool kids" out.
At least the Berkeley Park Running Company isn't gone altogether, though it will be moving out of its namesake neighborhood to Gold's Marketplace in Wheat Ridge.

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