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Snack Around the World at It's a Bodega

Stock up on candy and more from around the world.
Molly Martin
Stock up on candy and more from around the world.
"It's a Bodega's mission is to provide people with the experience of traveling around the world through snacks and beverages," explains owner KC Christian, who began the venture as an online store and originally used the former Be a Good Person office space at 1045 Lincoln Street for storage. Eventually, he began letting shoppers in by appointment only, and soon decided to open it up to the public.

Anyone can visit now, if you can find your way inside. The space is located next door to Roostercat Coffee House. A small sign above a keypad instructs you to dial a phone number to get the code that will unlock the door. Then you'll make your way down a short hallway, through a door and down a bit more to Suite 107, where you'll find snack-time happiness in the form of international chips, candy, soda, cereal and more.

As a child visiting family on the East Coast, Christian would shop neighborhood corner stores. His love for imported foods and drinks kept growing, and he'd seek out new-to-him treats like Japanese Hi-Chews. After a trip to London in 2019, he shared his favorite snacks from across the pond with friends and realized that others, too, were interested in the variety of snack foods available throughout the world.

"Trying new foods allows you to put yourself in someone else's shoes and eat what they are enjoying on a daily basis that you may not otherwise ever experience," notes Christian. "We may not be able to walk in other people's shoes, but we can certainly taste what other people eat." 
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KC Christian is the man behind It's a Bodega.
Molly Martin
With so many different options from around the world, what should you try at It's a Bodega? These are the most popular snacks, according to Christian, but there's plenty more to discover on the shelves, too.

Skittles Chewies No Shell (UK)
Have you ever wondered what a Skittle would be like sans shell? Wonder no more, because these chewy, Starburst-like treats are stocked at It's a Bodega.

Fanta White Peach (Japan)
A popular choice in vending machines in Japan, this refreshing drink is ideal for summer.

Oreo Tiramisu (Korea)
Smash together two classic sweet treats and what do you get? Two classic Oreo cookies with coffee and cocoa-flavored cream inside.

Whether you're up for trying ketchup-flavored Cheetos from Canada or Lay's Wagyu Kobe Beef chips from China (yes, the chips do taste like steak), It's a Bodega has you covered, and we're pretty excited that Denver now has a multicultural food destination like this.

It's a Bodega is located at 1045 Lincoln Street and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 1 to 7 p.m. and Sunday noon to 6 p.m. For more information, visit