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Why Colorado Tokers Love Sunburn

Herbert Fuego
Puff overzealously, and Sunburn will fry you.
The current heat in the southwestern United States notwithstanding, being outside on a summer morning is one of life's simple pleasures. For a morning person, the cooler weather and quiet air hit like a cup of coffee — but don't let that trick you into thinking it'll be like that all day. Ultraviolet radiation is coming, and even the smallest of schnozzes quickly gets sunburned during a lapse in diligence.

There's a lot of weed that lulls us into a comfortable morning, only to burn us on the back end with paranoia or lethargy. Durban Poison used to jolt me awake for thirty minutes, then turn me into an ornery, tired butthole for the rest of the day. (It only took me a year to figure that out.) Sunburn, a juicy-smelling strain boasting Island Sweet Skunk, Gupta Kush and Rug Burn OG genetics, was actually much friendlier than that, but it'll still fry anyone who isn't careful.

Sunburn is labeled a daytime-leaning or even-keeled hybrid, and its juicy orange flavor is particularly appealing in the morning. If you dose your intake correctly, Sunburn can be a part of a balanced breakfast; go too deep, though, and breakfast will be your lone accomplishment of the day. The other end of Sunburn's hybrid effects is ripe for munchies and laziness, and my eyes feel the weight of a heavy high after anything more than two bowls.

Even short sessions with Sunburn led to occasional moments of zoning out, but the euphoria and focus held strong when I had something to keep my attention. That high lasts, too, so don't be afraid to take a walk around the block to keep your blood pumping if it feels like the party is winding down. A little goes a long way with this one. Figure that out, and your Sunday mornings could become a lot easier.

Cross Genetics, Elements, Emerald Fields, EverBloom, Golden Meds, the Happy Camper, Helping Hands, Pagosa Therapeutics and TweedLeaf have all carried Sunburn, but the strain has now entered the wholesale and extraction arenas, so don't be surprised if you see more of it around. Lady Jane's current version, the cut you'll find at most stores in Denver, is slightly more dense and earthy than the Sunburn I've seen in the past, but the pulpy juice flavor is there, and the high is textbook.

Looks: The vast majority of the Sunburn I've encountered has a sativa-leaning bud structure, with loose calyxes and a tendency to grow tall and lean. The winter- and forest-green nugs produce an average amount of trichomes, but Sunburn is still one of the stickier strains I've come across.

Smell: Sunburn has a zesty/spicy quality up front, which isn't usually my favorite. But thanks to pungent skunk notes and an inescapable sweetness following right behind, the quality is more like Lucas candy or salt on a chile margarita than anything overtly peppery. That sweetness, likely influenced by Sunburn's upbeat high, is full of thick, pulpy notes of oranges and hints of tropical fruit.

Flavor: Sunburn's strong orange flavor has a subtle zest, and those dirty hints of pine are a good match for the strain's Skunk characteristics. Although there is a tropical aspect to Sunburn's aroma, that doesn't really show up in the smoke. The result is like a mix of orange juice and gin, with an extra layer of funk.

Effects: I feel upbeat and clear-minded enough to retain 95 percent of my wits after smoking Sunburn, allowing me to focus on homework or quieter activities like reading. However, I zone out the second I take a break or eat a snack, and the munchies only get stronger from there. There was never a time limit on the energy that Sunburn provided, but it would cannonball into a nap eventually.

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