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Why Colorado Tokers Love Sour Banana Dubb

Herbert Fuego
Sour Banana Dubb’s acidic sweetness shoots up nostrils and widens eyes.
Has anyone actually seen a human being slip on a banana peel? I sure haven't. A staple of cartoons and visual gags in the early 1900s, slipping on a banana peel seems about as likely as having an anvil fall on my head. But when anvils were still around, so was the danger of banana peel slippage.

Consider this excerpt from a 2012 Mental Floss article: "In the mid-19th century, a man named Carl B. Frank began importing Panamanian bananas to New York City. The fruit quickly became a popular street food throughout America, but the surge in urban migration and lack of sanitation regulation posed a major problem in cities....A fresh banana peel might seem non-threatening, but a rotting banana peel was a slime-covered booby trap."

Sounds like my first experience with Sour Banana Dubb.

A mix of Sour Dubb, Banana OG and Do-Si-Dos, Sour Banana Dubb is a rising hybrid from Oni Seed Co. Typical of Oni's reputation, the strain looks like it was dipped in sugar and frosting for a Dairy Queen commercial, and each bud has a monstrous Shaq-like quality that just looks thicker than the others. After taking a whiff of Sour Banana Dubb that almost singed off my nose hairs, I was ready to take a walk on the wild side — even if all I did was slip and fall.

After nearly two days of not smoking, I took a bong hit and immediately forgot what I was doing with myself. I wasn't spinning or disoriented, as the high was more psychedelic and relaxing, but I wasn't content with being so indecisive, either. Although the high helped push away stress and neutralize minor neck and stomach pains, I could never get past the blankness in my brain, no matter how cool an old Windows Media Player visualizer might've looked.

Lama Brand, Bgood's in-house cultivation, grows a powerful cut of Sour Banana Dubb, with a sour, resinous aroma that attacks my nostrils up through the bridge of my nose. Callie's Cannabis Shoppe also grows the strain for its three dispensaries, and for wholesale distribution, as well. You can't go wrong with either — though you'd better be prepared to pay $45-plus for an eighth.

Looks: Like other Oni strains, Sour Banana Dubb has a hulking quality, with chunky, bulbous buds that routinely take up the entire eighth bottle. The calyxes' forest-green color is hard to notice under an unrelenting coat of trichomes and vivid purple spots, adding another layer of intimidation.

Smell: Sour Banana Dubb's aroma might be more of a bully than its appearance. The sour, resinous blast is basically acidic, opening up my nose and landing in the back of my throat. Sweeter, calmer hints of banana pop in right before another resinous gust of hash and spicy vanilla notes takes over.

Flavor: Sour Banana Dubb is more sour and doughy up front, with noticeable Diesel characteristics; the banana flavors play more of a supporting role, with a brown-sugar-vanilla sweetness making appearances, too.

Effects: Instantly euphoric, taking a hit of Sour Banana Dubb is like installing a hamster wheel in your brain, with the same amount of direction. Figuring out where to go or what to do is a challenge thanks to the strain's potency, which doesn't let up for a few hours as my limbs slowly wilt. The physical effects are therapeutic and helpful for falling asleep, though.

Home grower's take: "I'll rock anything that comes from Oni at this point, but decided one run of this was enough. I grew it indoors during the start of the pandemic. I got so bored that I cut it down at eight weeks instead of the recommended ten, but I wouldn't have done it if the nugs weren't already looking mature and smelling through my basement. The high was great, but I prefer the Sherbet and Garlic strains' production."

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