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Little Bakery House Becomes Banh Mi Station

Molly Martin
A new sign makes it clear what this spot specializes in.
When Tom Vu opened the Little Bakery House at 2439 South University Boulevard this spring, he knew there might be some confusion over the name — particularly since a specialty of the spot was a unique fried chicken banh mi.

In Vietnam, the word for "bakery" is synonymous with banh mi, which had led Vu to believe Little Bakery House was the perfect moniker for his fast-casual eatery. But he was right about the name causing confusion: People kept stopping by his place thinking that it was indeed a "little bakery."

So after two months of fielding questions from confused patrons, last month Vu decided to change the name to Banh Mi Station and update the business website. Now customers aren't surprised to find that fried chicken banh mi here, along with other sandwich variations, noodle and rice bowls, a small selection of appetizers, and beverages like Thai iced tea.
click to enlarge To find Denver's only fried chicken banh mi, look for Banh Mi Station. - MOLLY MARTIN
To find Denver's only fried chicken banh mi, look for Banh Mi Station.
Molly Martin
"Has the new name helped?" I asked on a recent visit. The woman working at the counter pointed to a large pile of receipts and nodded. Definitely.

Banh Mi Station is the only spot in the neighborhood serving this type of food, and with a hard-to-earn perfect five-star rating on both Google and Yelp, it seems to have been a hit with those who've found the place so far. With the new name, more passersby may realize that beyond that sign is one of Denver's best options for a quick, flavorful, affordable meal.

Banh Mi Station is located at 2439 South University Boulevard and is open from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. For more information, visit