Ask a Stoner: Are People Really Eating THC Gummies at Work?

Dear Stoner: I saw some weed gummy ad telling me to calm the work jitters with THC. Are people really taking these at work?

Dear Willow: People are taking more than weed gummies at work, though I doubt bosses would be happy to find out that we swallowed THC any time a pissy email came through. That’s still a big no-no in the corporate and insurance worlds, and most cannabis companies are smart enough to realize that. I’ve seen a lot of stupid cannabis advertisements online, though, and wouldn’t be surprised if a marketing team thought “self-medication” at work was a good hook.
Beers, meeting drinks and even a shot here and there all take place in most offices at some point, and I don’t see why cannabis use can’t be approached in a similar manner as we learn more about the plant. As startup culture, contract work and remote home offices become more popular, the boss’s supervision has become even lighter. You shouldn’t be shocked that people are taking weed gummies at work, but I’m surprised that an advertisement would have the audacity to bring it up.

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