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Reader: South Park Buying Casa Bonita? In Colorado, Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

Officer of Governor Polis

On August 13, Governor Jared Polis scheduled a Facebook Live with South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, ostensibly to celebrate the 24th anniversary of the Comedy Central hit — which was just extended for six more seasons in a $900 million ViacomCBS deal.

But the Colorado natives had another deal to announce: the pending purchase of Casa Bonita.

“As of about an hour ago — I have to qualify this, pending bankruptcy proceedings — we’ve come to an agreement with the owner and we’ve bought it,” Stone told Polis.

"Congratulations, that's awesome," said Polis, who then noted that "I did not know that" when the interview was scheduled.

Colorado's governor also wrested a promise that the cliff-diving gorillas will remain...not that Parker and Stone had any thoughts of getting rid of them. They'd hosted a private party at Casa Bonita when their show The Book of Mormon first opened in Denver, and said they were disappointed to learn that renting the place did not give cliff-diving privileges. They'll have those as owners, and also will be able to improve the food — which they've promised to do.
Early signs of obsession: Eric Cartman's trip to Casa Bonita in a 2003 episode of South Park.
South Park
On the Westword Facebook post on the news, readers were quick to offer other suggestions for Casa Bonita...and fan Polis. Says Joy:
 Stories like this are why I love this state. South Park buying Casa Bonita? Truth is stranger than fiction.
Adds Edwin:
I thought Jared Polis was a South Park character, the "Wacky Governor."
Comments Robert: 
Yeaaaah!!! Fuckin' awesome. Watched the interview; they said they would change the food! It sounds very exciting!
Responds Mary:
Hope they bring in some real mariachis to play real Mexican music! Food there is not edible or can even be called Mexican food! Only been there 3 times in my 45 years in Denver, and it only got worse!
Notes Brandi:
Well, they said they’re going to improve the food, which is sorely needed. But I think they’ll keep all the best, kitschy parts. They definitely want to keep the waterfall and the crazy shows.
Adds Elliven: 
Praying that change hits the smell/carpets/interior, too! That place is 10/10 creep sauce. Cool that they're putting some money into run down.
Comments Barbara: 
First in line when it re-opens! I totally trust them to bring it back to its glory (+ make all the food, minus the perfect sopaipillas, better).
Concludes Dawn:
Best of luck to Trey and Matt as they get this project going!! It might actually be fun to go to Casa Bonita if the food was good, and the South Park connection sounds like a lot of fun too!!
At the moment, Casa Bonita is only open for tours; another local group, Save Casa Bonita, which boasts some of the town's top creatives, has been pushing for the place to reopen.

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