Ask a Stoner: Weed-Infused Salt and Seasonings

Dear Stoner: I’ve seen weed-infused salt and seasonings on cooking shows. Can I buy them or make them easily? And are they any good?
Chef P

Dear Chef P: Chefs have seemingly endless infusion options nowadays and can avoid much of the weed flavor altogether (though the true bosses embrace that challenge), with ingredients like infused salts and oils making a cannabis dinner taste closer to a regular meal. But infusing olive oil is a lot easier for most of us to wrap our heads around than putting THC in salt. Turns out, adding THC and CBD to salts and seasonings isn’t just happening within the cannabis industry. It’s pretty easy to do at home, too.

You can make your own infused salt or sugar much as you would infuse alcohol: using cannabis flower, Everclear and a dark room (there are a lot of good recipes online) before adding the salt or sugar. It’s worth noting that infused salt is best used for microdosing, however, as it can’t carry a lot of THC.
In case you'd rather skip the home cooking, Colorado's Betty Essentials makes infused salt for margarita rims and other uses, and Athelas Edibles offers several different seasoning packets that can be used to spice up food or make dips.

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