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Reader: A Juicy Lucy Is Just a Cheeseburger

Molly Martin
On August 20, Lucy's Burger Bar opened at 4018 Tennyson Street. Owner Michelle "Meesh" McGlone and her partner, Nate Collis, are both from Minnesota, where Collis spent six years manning the grill at Matt's Bar & Grill, the Minneapolis spot that claims to have invented the Juicy Lucy, a molten-cheese-in-the-middle burger. (Matt's spells the specialty "Jucy Lucy," stemming from a menu typo that stuck.)

The Juicy Lucy is definitely the specialty at Lucy's, and that has many Minnesota expats salivating. But in comments posted on the Westword Facebook post of our story on Lucy's, a few skeptics express concern about the prices. Says Daniel:
Sooooooo, a burger, fries and a coke for $30 per person including tax and a tip? For real? Wish ya the best and all, but we can go to the Outback for about the same.
Replies Brandon: 
It's simple — you get what you pay for. Unless you're Daniel, and think paying the same for significantly lower quality food at the Outback is somehow better. That still cracks me up. Suburbanites are often remnants of the boomer era, though, where quantity is better than quality. You can tell this guy grew up in the burbs, where bland chain food is the king.
Comments Cameron:
Damn, $14 for one. For someone who grew up on these, I’ve never seen them sold for that much. It’s still just a cheeseburger.
Warns Bill: 
Just hope this doesn’t bring more Viking fans to the ’hood.

Wonders Mark:
Minnesota expatriates will judge this. Key question to answer…how does this compare to Matt’s?

Responds Dee:
Matt's was a dive bar in a best used-during-the-daytime neighborhood. Dark with sticky floors. Lord don't use the restroom! Seems like it was cheap 3.2 beer. Couple bucks for a pitcher. Rickety tables and hard as heck ol' metal chairs (the type that has padding as hard as a rock). And, freaken' awesome burgers.
And Julia recalls another spot that used to be at this address.
I recognize the location as an old cafe my mom and I frequented as a kid. Always had a cinnamon roll and they added butter on top. Hope Lucy’s does well there!
So do burger fans, and for those worried about the prices, McClone advises, "We're just setting the prices that we need just to cover our rent and be able to be a viable business."

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