Ask a Stoner: Weed Options When I Visit Texas

Jacqueline Collins
Dear Stoner: I'm flying to Texas, and I’ll be there for a month. Should I try to fly with weed, mail it, score some while I visit, or just overpay for Delta-8? Just weighing my options.
George David

Dear G.D.: Each choice comes with varying degrees of risk and convenience. Flying out of Denver with cannabis isn’t very risky if you’re only taking personal amounts. Even though cannabis is still banned at Denver International Airport, it’s relatively easy to fly from there with an ounce or less. At worst, TSA will just confiscate it or the Denver police will issue a small citation. Landing with it at a Texas airport is the dangerous part….

Scoring pot while you visit could work, particularly if you end up meeting a nice local to help you out — but if you don't, you might have to worry about getting ripped off or smoking shitty Texas weed. In the meantime, consider shipping your Colorado stash if you've done it before; it’ll set you up for the trip, give you time to find a local dealer, and save you from buying overpriced Delta-8 THC cartridges at the head shop.

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