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Reader: Westword Is a Bunch of Hipsters Who Don't Know Dick About Denver...or Chicken

King of Wings made the cut.
Linnea Covington
King of Wings made the cut.
The onset of football season and fall had us hungry for chicken wings. And after eating our way around town, we recently served up our list of the best spots for chicken wings in metro Denver.

But in their comments on the Westword Facebook post of "Ten Best Wings in Denver," readers immediately started squeaking. Where was Bon Chon, Peckish Boulder, Brutal Poodle, CD's Wings? And above all, where was Fire on the Mountain? Still, some diners applauded our choices. Says Boris:
 Piper Inn, Wing Hut and GQue are on here. Solid list. Great job.
Adds Eric: 
Piper Inn is the best in the state and it's not even close.
Counters Devrin: 
King of Wings is by far the best in Denver, maybe all of Colorado.
Anthony responds:
No disrespect to any of these other places on this list. They are all good but Post Oak BBQ is better than some of the places on this list, if not all of them.
And Nate wonders:
How can any list of best wings in Denver not include Fire on the Mountain buffalo wings? I haven’t tried all on the list, but FOTM is definitely better than Ace Eat Serve and GQue. And GQue is really, really good.
Benny replies:
I’m glad to see Fire on the Mountain finally kicked off this list. Their wings are the size of my pinky and more expensive than any wing in town.
And Paul concludes: 
If you don’t have Koi Ninja as top three, you know fuck-all about wings. Westword is just another twisty-moustache, single-speed-bike-riding, beanie-wearing-in-the-summer bunch of hipsters who know absolutely dick about Denver or its local food scene.
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