Nobody on Twitter Outside Denver Believes in 3-0 Broncos

Broncos fans celebrating during Denver's shellacking of the New York Jets on September 26.
NFL via YouTube
Broncos fans celebrating during Denver's shellacking of the New York Jets on September 26.
Your Denver Broncos are 3-0 and tied for the American Football Conference lead after embarrassing the lowly New York Jets 26-0 on September 26 — and believe it or don't, that score doesn't quite convey how lopsided the victory was.

Yet rather than basking in newfound respect from the pigskin-loving nation at large, the squad is being viewed as less a legitimate contender than a soon-to-be-revealed fraud by everyone with a Twitter account who doesn't live in Colorado.

Especially if they're Raiders fans.

And we understand why. The Broncos' opponents to date — the New York Giants, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets — have yet to win a game in 2021. Moreover, the gang in green was so incredibly inept on the offensive side of the ball that it's debatable whether they could have outscored a decent middle school team. Zach Wilson, the outfit's latest supposed savior at quarterback, seemed absolutely overwhelmed on all but a few occasions, and he wasn't helped out by a drop-prone receiving corps that appears to have thought they were members of the National Hot Potato League rather than the National Football League.

The Jets' defense is decent on paper, but that's not where the game was played — and since the Broncos had a nearly 36 to 24 minutes time-of-possession advantage, the unit wore down over the course of the contest. As a result, Denver's offense seldom had to break a sweat. QB Teddy Bridgewater completed just nineteen passes (out of 25 attempts) for 235 yards, Melvin Gordon earned only 61 yards on the ground, and rookie Javonte Williams lost a fumble mere feet from the goal line, but the outcome wasn't in doubt for a nanosecond. There was more suspense in wondering if Kanye West's latest album would mention God.

The Las Vegas Raiders had to work harder to remain undefeated; it took overtime for them to best a Miami Dolphins group whose starting quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, is on injured reserve. Yet the Raiders previously managed to outscore the dangerous Baltimore Ravens, as well as the erratic but still formidable Pittsburgh Steelers, en route to matching Denver's record.

The Broncos play the Ravens next week, and if Steady Teddy and his crew collect another W, those doubters on Twitter may have to reconsider. For now, though, the only social media believers that the Broncos boast are apparently in the greater Denver area.

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