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4 Noses Brewing Plans Denver Taproom and Production Brewery

4 Noses Brewing
A day after hitting Colorado with the news that it had purchased Odd13 Brewing, the parent company behind 4 Noses Brewing has revealed that it also plans to open a large production facility — and a new taproom — at the northwestern edge of Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood.

When it is complete, probably sometime in 2022, the 22,000-square-foot warehouse at 4040 Dahlia Street will include a forty-barrel brewhouse and enable the company to expand production and packaging of both 4 Noses and Odd13 beers. The taproom will likely come later.

“We were fortunate through the pandemic to be able to continue to sell our beers across Colorado in liquor stores and supermarkets, and we fought pretty hard for that,” says Tommy Bibliowicz, co-founder of 4 Noses and a partner in 4NB Holdings, which is the Bibliowicz family-owned parent company for 4 Noses, Odd13 and Wild Provisions Beer Project.

As a result, 4 Noses had been looking for a production facility long before the Odd13 deal was made. In fact, Bibliowicz says, he learned that Odd13 owners Ryan and Kristin Scott were trying to sell the brand and the Lafayette taproom after inquiring about Odd13’s production space; the Scotts closed that space two months ago and sold the equipment to an out-of-state brewery.

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4 Noses Brewing
The new production facility "will allow us to grow pretty substantially and meet market demands," Bibliowicz says, adding that the Odd13 purchase will help justify that growth by giving 4 Noses "a new brand to foster" and the ability to grow organically. 4NB plans to keep the 4 Noses and Odd13 brands and taprooms as distinct entities, and to maintain some of Odd13’s culture, as well. In fact, Bibliowicz says he wants to learn more about what makes Odd13’s name so strong so that he doesn’t create problems with it.

Odd13 Brewing was one of the pioneers of hazy New England-style IPAs and the first brewery in the state to can the new style in 2016. 4 Noses, founded in 2017, also specializes in hazy IPAs but has become known for a wide variety of other styles, including lagers, fruited sours and its pumpkin beer.

"Our breweries grew up in a very similar community, and we’ve known each other for a long time,"  Bibliowicz says. "Odd13 is too important of a brand to let go away."