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Production Audio Agency The Post Haus Opens Branch in Denver

The Post Haus recently opened in Denver.
Sam Billen
The Post Haus recently opened in Denver.

Denver is no stranger to new audio-production agencies moving to town, but Sam Billen and Brock Babcock want to make sure The Post Haus is integrated with the city.

"We’ve tried to slowly kind of inch our way in because we wanted to do our research and we don't want to step on toes of the competition," Billen says. "We want to make sure we don't offend the local market by just bringing in a bunch of outsiders."

Billen was composing for film, television and commercials before he started Primary Color Music, a custom music house, in Kansas City in 2015 with two other composers (his brother Dan, and Ryan Pinkston). Their team has composed music for brands like Wendy’s, Gatorade and Puma.

Over the next few years, Billen began to transition from solely composing music for film and advertising by launching The Garden, a music library, and the Post Haus, a full-service production audio agency, also based in Kansas City. The Post Haus and Primary Color Music were recently tapped to provide audio for the Oscars Experience, an ongoing exhibit at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles.
click to enlarge The Post Haus recently opened in Denver. - SAM BILLEN
The Post Haus recently opened in Denver.
Sam Billen
Billen and Babcock, who worked in post-audio in Los Angeles for a decade, eventually decided they wanted to expand into other markets and launch another outpost of the Post Haus and Primary Color Music. While Billen immediately thought of New York or Los Angeles, Babcock suggested another market that was less saturated and bit closer to its Kansas City headquarters. Denver appeared to be the perfect fit, and last summer Billen took over a lease at a 5,000-square-foot brick building that was previously an Airbnb.

It’s a big building, but Billen knew the team could gradually grow into it. While the building has a voiceover booth with a monitor and a number of rooms downstairs, Billen says he eventually wants to put in a Foley room, used for recording everyday sound effects in post-production, and a room for 5.1 mixing.

On one of his many visits to Denver over the last year, Billen and some other members of Kansas City team were talking to a bartender at Finn’s Manor in RiNo about the Post Haus, when the bartender asked if they were hiring. The bartender called his friend Connor Birch, who plays keyboards for Denver rock band Flaural. About an hour into their conversation, Birch was hired as an engineer for the Post Haus. Colin Johnson, who sings for Flaural, was hired as a producer.

Billen says a majority of the projects the Denver team has been working on so far are in advertising, as well as working with Denver video production company Lumenati and broadcast media and branding company Spillt. Billen already established connections with the advertising firm Barkley, as it has headquarters in Kansas City. Barkley recently moved its Boulder outpost to Denver.
click to enlarge Lounging in the Post Haus. - SAM BILLEN
Lounging in the Post Haus.
Sam Billen
“We came in thinking, let's work with Barkley for a few months as we try to just get to know other people, and then we can hopefully bring in some other work,” Billen says. “It was just exactly the opposite, where it took a while to start getting the flow going with Barkley, but right off the bat, we had Futuristic Films sending us jobs, and Lumenati. It's been super cool. ... We've been very welcomed to the neighborhood, which has been awesome.”

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